‘Chesapeake Shores’ Season 5 Premiere Date Confirmed

Chesapeake Shores Season 5 premiere date announced.

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At long last, we have an official premiere date for when Season 5 is going of Chesapeake Shores is going to premiere on The Hallmark Channel. It’s just a little later than fans had originally expected.

Season 5 Is Premiering on August 15, 2021

The new season is officially premiering on August 15, according to TV Insider. According to Deadline, the new season will be 10 episodes long.

An August 15 premiere is about a year later than originally expected. Season 3 of Chesapeake Shores premiered on August 5, 2018, Season 2 premiered on August 6, 2017, and Season 1 premiered on August 14, 2016. Season 4 returned on August 25, 2019, so most people expected Season 5 to air in August 2020. Of course, the pandemic changed expectations for many film productions, including Chesapeake Shores.

The Author of the Books Had Previously Guessed August 1, So the Official Date Is Just About 2 Weeks Later

Sherryl Woods, who wrote the books upon which Chesapeake Shores is based, had shared her guess on when the season would premiere on Instagram. Her guess was just a couple of weeks off.

Woods shared in an Instagram post that the new season will begin filming on April 12, and it could premiere on Hallmark as soon as August 1. Woods wrote:

Hang tight, @Chessies! #ChesapeakeShores will be back in front of the cameras on April 12 on Vancouver Island. Season 5 is expected to launch – FINALLY – on Hallmark Channel on August 1 if Covid cooperates. Expect lots of twists and turns with all your favorites!

Woods shared the same announcement on Twitter and tagged the cast, writing: “I am so ready to get back to Sally’s Cafe in #ChesapeakeShores. How about you? Filming on season 5 starts April 12. So wish I could be there again!”

It turns out she was only a couple of weeks off in her guess.

The Series Was Renewed in July 2020

InstagramA screenshot of Woods’ announcement.

Hallmark waited a while before renewing Chesapeake Shores, leaving many fans worried. In July 2020, The Hallmark Channel finally announced that it was ordering a fifth season, ET Online reported, with the expectation that it would premiere sometime in the summer of 2021.

The network committed to producing 10 episodes for the new season, which was welcome news considering how short Season 4 was. The season was only six episodes long.

On Facebook, a fan asked why the show was ending early. Hallmark answered at the time: “When the writers came up with this year’s storyline it was decided it could be told best with 6 episodes.”

An article from late July, posted by the Post-Gazette, shared a little more. Michelle Vicary, executive vice president of Hallmark programming, said: “[This] was absolutely not a reflection of anything other than the logistics that go into making a series… Our audience loves to see these actors, much like you like to see your favorite actors in a series week after week. … It’s more of taking it to the next level as opposed to indicating any sort of distancing from any of the other series.”

Jesse Metcalfe told ET Online about the Season 5 renewal: “Chesapeake Shores has been such a fulfilling, creative journey for me and a bona fide hit for the Hallmark Channel, as well as finding new audiences around the world. Our superfans call themselves ‘Chessies,’ and I know how invested they are in these characters. That’s why I’m excited to let them know that we’ll be back with all new episodes next summer.”

Vicary said in a statement about the show’s renewal: “Over the past four seasons, viewers have devotedly followed the journey of Trace and the O’Briens, as they have learned to overcome their differences to find strength in family and in love. Chesapeake Shores‘ compelling stories have been consistently made real by one of the best casts on television today. We are excited for their return and for viewers to experience a new chapter for these characters.”

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