Canadian Film Union Quietly Lists ‘Chesapeake Shores Season 6’ Filming Dates

Chesapeake Shores season 6

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Hallmark has not yet announced whether “Chesapeake Shores” is renewed for a sixth season or not. But while fans wait, a Canadian technical film union quietly added a listing that included filming dates for the sixth season. While this isn’t official confirmation that the series is renewed, it’s giving Chessie fans another reason to hope.

ACFC West Listed Filming as Starting on March 28

An ACFC West listing notes that “Chesapeake Shores — Season 6” began prepping for production on February 14 and will start shooting on March 28. The listing suggests that filming will wrap on June 28. Heavy first noticed the listing on February 23.

According to the listing, which is archived here, Dan Paulson, Matt Drake, Phoef Sutton, Nancey Silvers, and Sheryl Woods are on board as executive producers, and Matt Drake is the listed producer. Chrystal Remmey is listed as a co-producer.

You can see a screenshot of the listing below.

ACFC WestACFC West listing

ACFC West is short for The Association of Canadian Film Craftspeople. The website notes: “The Association of Canadian Film Craftspeople, Local 2020 Unifor is a technical film union recognized by the Labour Board of British Columbia. We began as an association of freelance film technicians who were unified in their need for protection and endorsement while working in the film industry. We are focused on creating the best working conditions for our membership. Today, we are a strong Canadian union made up of quality, experienced craftspeople where our expertise in over 20 departments make ACFC West, Local 2020 Unifor your best choice.”

Around the time the listing was made, a fan lamented that it was nearing the end of TCA 2022’s winter event without an official announcement. TCA is short for Television Critics Association, whose event ended on February 24. Hallmark sometimes makes announcements about schedules and series during the event.

At the time of this article’s publication, Hallmark had not confirmed renewal and no one on the cast had hinted on social media about the series’ renewal either. Heavy has reached out to Hallmark about the ACFC listing.

Rumors in November About a Renewal Were Never Confirmed

Back in November, rumors circulated that the series was renewed, but the rumors were never confirmed. The rumor started based on an article published by Spoiler TV on November 4, 2021. The site posted that an unnamed “Production report” noted that season 6 of “Chesapeake Shores” “is being prepared for shooting in April 2022.” (Interestingly, the ACFC West listing points to shooting beginning at the end of March, at almost the same time as the original rumor.)

At the time, Heavy found that a November 3, 2021, issue of Production Weekly does mention “Chesapeake Shores 06.” Heavy reached out to an actor on the show about the Production Weekly listing, but did not receive a response.

At the time, Meghan Ory, who stars as Abby in “Chesapeake Shores,” shared a screenshot of Spoiler TV’s photo and posted in her Instagram Story that she has not heard anything about a renewal.

Treat Williams, who stars as Mick O’Brien, tweeted the Spoiler TV story and simply wrote, “This is interesting.”

Now another listing is pointing to a possible renewal, but no actors or crew involved with the series have tweeted about the listing or confirmed a renewal. At this point in time, renewal is still not confirmed. But fans now have another reason to hope that a renewal confirmation might come soon.

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