First Photos of Lucas Shared from ‘When Calls the Heart’ Season 9

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The first photo of Lucas has emerged while cast and crew are filming “When Calls the Heart” season 9. Chris McNally also shared a photo of himself on the set, to the delight of Hallmark fans.

The Photo Shows Lucas on the Balcony of the Saloon

Director Peter DeLuise shared the photo of Lucas standing on the balcony of his saloon while the scene was being filmed. DeLuise wrote: “Rare Lucas sighting in his natural habitat.”

One fan joked on Twitter: “Thank you for finally giving us a peek. Face with tears of joy. But can we get a little closer look? We need binoculars to see him.”

DeLuise has been sharing a lot of behind-the-scenes photos as season 9 filming begins, including a series of photos focused on the signs of Hope Valley. The first photo in the series was the saloon’s sign.

He also shared a number of tech scout photos and picture requests from Hearties.

Pascale Hutton commented about the podium in one of the photos: “I could be wrong but I believe the podium was built in season 2 to hide my real-life baby bump! #funfacts”

DeLuise also shared a new series of pictures of Lucas’s office with new angles.

A fan commented: “Lucas just needs to add a photo of Elizabeth in there. (or even E with LJ) 😍”

Chris McNally Has Shared Photos from the Set Too

Meanwhile, Chris McNally has also been sharing photos of the set while he’s dressed as Lucas.

He shared the photo above while sitting in the Fruit and Product stand.

McNally wrote, in part: “First day of season ix thanks @erinkrakow for taking this completely candid photo of me of which I was totally absolutely unaware.”

Krakow responded: “Almost ruined a drone shot for this. Worth it.”

McNally joked in his post about how great it would be if the Bluths (from “Arrested Development” traveled back in time to Hope Valley and built a banana stand. He jokingly wrote: “Lucas could approach the Mister Manager and between glances to and from the Fruit & Produce stand and the Police Station with a mischievous little wink whisper “…there’s always money in the banana stand.”

Kevin McGarry responded: “Now do Peaky Blinders by the water tower.”


McNally replied: “I’m gonna need a serious amount of cigarettes.”

Then on July 29, McNally posted a photo from the Jamestown movie set showing himself dressed in character for Lucas, posing with his dogs.

Fans and friends alike were excited by the post. Andrea Brooks, who plays Faith, replied: “The kids!!!”

A fan wrote: “The dogs are with you on set? 😍 Hopefully they get to make their acting debut this season. ♥️🐶”

Another fan wrote: “every child deserves a dog 🐶 but you have 2 beautiful puppies, my perfect scene from season 9, lucas, little jack and bowie / charlie.🧔🏻🧒🏼🐕”

Another fan replied: “I love the faces in the dogs. They are living their best life it seems. 😍”

Although McNally hasn’t returned to Twitter yet, fans are excited to see that he’s posting again on Instagram. Until his fruit produce post from about a week ago, McNally hadn’t posted on social media since shortly after the season 8 finale.

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