Where Was ‘Christmas in Evergreen: Bells Are Ringing’ Filmed?

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The Hallmark Channel’s fourth Christmas in Evergreen movie is finally here. Viewers have loved the first three movies in the series and they can’t wait to see what’s next for the town of Evergreen. But while we all know that Evergreen is a fictional town, where all those beautiful scenes filmed in real life? Here’s a look at the filming locations for Christmas in Evergreen 4, along with more details about the cast members who bring the movie to life.

On Saturday, December 5, the movie airs at 8 p.m. Eastern, and then encores will air throughout the season. You can see the full schedule here under the Showtimes tab. The movie stars Holly Robinson Peete, Colin Lawrence, Rukiya Bernard, Antonio Cayonne, Ashley Williams and Barbara Niven.

‘Christmas in Evergreen: Bells Are Ringing’ Was Filmed in Canada

The fourth installment in the movie franchise was filmed in several locations in British Columbia, Canada, including in Vancouver, Aldergrove, and Burnaby. The movie started filming on October 13 and wrapped on October 31. This photo from Bernard shows the entire cast in Vancouver.

This next photo notes that they wrapped filming in Burnaby:

In October, Peete provided a sneak peek from Aldergrove:

The cast and crew shared a lot of fun behind-the-scenes photos. Here’s one from Peete.

Ashley Williams, who played the lead in the first Christmas in Evergreen movie, shared her own excitement in an Instagram post. She said they just completed the fourth movie and was so excited to see Bernard and Peete leading the new movie after starting out in supporting roles for the fourth.

Bernard shared a really cute on-set photo with her co-star Cayonne.

She also shared a series of selfies from her trailer during filming in Vancouver.

Look at how beautiful the set looked while filming:

Peete shared more behind-the-scenes photos in her Instagram post below.

The First 3 ‘Evergreen’ Movies Were Also Filmed in Canada

The synopsis for the movie reads: “Since Michelle Lansing has plenty of wedding planning her plate, she leans on Hannah Tucker to wrap up the launch of the new Evergreen museum. All the while, she begins to question her own future – and if her fiancé Elliot Lee is really Mr. Right.”

The first three movies in the Christmas in Evergreen franchise were also filmed in Canada. The 2017 Christmas in Evergreen was filmed include Clayburn Village in Abbotsford, Deer Lake Park in Burnaby, Burnaby Village Museum at Deer Lake Park, a school in Clayburn Village, Burnaby in BC, Langley in BC, and Hopcott Farms Weddings and Events in Pitt Meadows.

Look at the beautiful home in Langley, BC, all decked out for the first Christmas in Evergreen:

The second movie, Christmas in Evergreen: Letters to Santa, was filmed in the Burnaby Village Museum. Country Living visited the set during filming, which happened in September that year. The crew used shaved ice to create a wintry feel, and cast members dressed in sweaters and coats despite the warmer weather.

The 2019 installment, Christmas in Evergreen: Tidings of Joy, was also filmed in Canada.

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