Where Was ‘Christmas in Harmony’ Filmed? See Locations & Cast Stories

Christmas in Harmony

Crown Media Christmas in Harmony

The Hallmark Channel’s newest Christmas movie, “Christmas in Harmony,” premieres Friday, October 29, at 8 p.m. Eastern. The movie stars Ashleigh Murray, Luke James, Loretta Devine, Michelle Williams, and Basil Wallace. Read on to learn all about where the movie was filmed and see behind-the-scenes stories from the cast.

If you miss the premiere, you can catch the movie again on October 30 at 6 p.m. Eastern, November 3 at 10 p.m., November 14 at 4 p.m., November 18 at 6 p.m., November 24 at 2 p.m., and November 30 at 10 a.m. Eastern.

‘Christmas in Harmony’ Was Filmed in North Carolina

Crown MediaOne of the homes featured in Christmas in Harmony.

Although many Hallmark movies are filmed in Canada, “Christmas in Harmony” is an exception. This movie was filmed in Wilmington, North Carolina, IMDb reported.

One of the main filming locations was St. Andrew’s-Covenant Presbyterian Church on Market Street, WWAY3 reported. Filming took place August 9-12 from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. each day.

WECT reported that other filming locations included Front Street, St. James Church, Bakery 105, Bespoke Coffee & Dry Goods, Better Basket, Latimer House, and 2606 Mimosa Place.

Better Basket is a new downtown market on Front Street that had its first soft opening after the Hallmark movie filmed there, Wilmington Biz reported.

Murray told WECT that she and Williams only got to work together on one major scene in the movie, so she made a special trip to spend time with her when Williams arrived. Murray also revealed this was the first time she was in North Carolina and didn’t realize the climate was so tropical. They filmed in August when it was very hot.

“I didn’t really understand the gravity of the thunderstorms that you guys have for, like, 20 minutes and then it’s back to suffocating heat,” she said. “… I was walking around in a wool coat, in long sleeves and long pants and scarves and hats…it was very, very hot. They did very good job of keeping us in the AC when we would get a moment. When we had to be outside, we tried to move as quickly as we could because it was, it was intense.”

Despite the heat, she said she was thrilled to be in her first Hallmark Christmas movie.

Tia Streaty also shared photos from the set.

Meet the Cast

The synopsis reads: “Harmony is tricked into auditioning for the Holiday Chorus – directed by an ex-boyfriend. By Christmas Eve, they could be harmonizing in the key of love.”

Crown Media

Ashleigh Murray is Harmony. She’s perhaps best known for her role as Josie McCoy on “Riverdale” and “Katy Keene.” Her other credits include “Rugrats” (Eve), “Valley Girl,” “Alex, Inc.,” and more.

Crown Media

Luke James is Kyle. He’s a three-time Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter who’s also a Broadway actor. He’ll be starring in “Thoughts of a Colored Man” in the Golden Theatre beginning October 31.

His credits include “The Chi” (Trig), “Genius” (Glynn), “Star” (Noah), “Little,” “The Bobby Brown Story” (Johnny Gill), “Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G.” (Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs), “The New Edition Story” (Johnny Gill), and more.

Crown Media

Michelle Williams is Melo D. Star. She’s a Grammy Award-winning singer and was a member of Destiny’s Child. She’s also an actress, TV host, and entrepreneur. Some of her recent TV credits include “The Masked Singer” (Butterfly), “Raven’s Home,” “American Soul,” and more.

Williams advocates for mental health awareness and is an ambassador for the Office on Women’s Health within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. She launched her podcast, “Checking In,” on iHeart Radio this year.

Williams once dated a professional sports chaplain and pastor in 2017 and they were engaged in 2018. They broke up later in 2018, E Online reported. She told People that after the breakup, she fought suicidal thoughts. She had been suffering from depression since was 13. In May of this year, she published a book called “Checking In: How Getting Real About Depression Saved My Life — and Can Save Yours.”

Crown MediaBasil Wallace, Loretta Devine

Loretta Devine is Mama. She earned a Primetime Emmy and Emmy nomination for her role as Adele on “Grey’s Anatomy,” along with numerous additional awards throughout her career. She and Glenn Marshall have been married for 20 years.

Devine’s many TV and movie credits include “Family Reunion” (Amelia for 35 episodes), “Queen Bees,” “Always and Forever,” “Spell,” “Doc McStuffins” (Hallie’s voice), “Black-ish” (Lynette), “A Sweet Christmas Romance,” “Love Is…,” “The Carmichael Show” (Cynthia), “No Regrets,” “Being Mary Jane” (Cece), “Sirens,” “Welcome to Me,” “The Doc Files” (Hallie’s voice), “The Client List” (Georgia Cummings), “Grey’s Anatomy” (Adele), “State of Georgia” (Aunt Honey), “Lottery Ticket,” “Eli Stone” (Patti), “Boston Legal,” “Wild Card” (M. Pearle McGuire,) “Boston Public” (Marla for 81 episodes), “The PJs,” “Lillie,” “Love Kills,” “Clover,” “The Preacher’s Wife,” “Roc,” “Sugar and Spice,” “A Different World” (Stevie), and more.

Basil Wallace is Deacon James. His credits include “Eagleheart,” “NCIS,” “Burn Notice,” “Like Mike,” “City of Angels,” “Born Free” (Josef), “Return of the Living Dead III,” “Dark Skies,” “Quantum Leap,” and more.

Thaddeus Faustin is also starring.

Also starring are:

  • Brian Patrick Whitted (Keyvon)
  • Tia Streaty (Felicia Hewitt)
  • Phillip Simon Lynch (Darius Noah)
  • Hannah Black (Ruth Anne)
  • Ashley Tru Ward (Jennifer Matthews)
  • Justin Matthew Smith (Frank “Mac” McIntyre)
  • Fracaswell Hyman (Choir Director)
  • Beth Corvino (Monisha)
  • Keya Hamilton (Nia Washington)
  • Langston McAdoo (Mike)
  • Jazmyne Marshall (Stacey)
  • Zach Hanner (Mission Director)
  • James Arthur Sims (Harmony’s father)
  • Rob Covington (Band Leader)
  • Antonio T. Lee (Jay/Audio Tech)
  • Alisa Harris (Volunteer #1)

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