‘Christmas Waltz’ Sequel in Paris Announced, But Fans Have Questions

"Christmas Waltz" sequel in the works.

Hallmark "Christmas Waltz" sequel in the works.

The director of Hallmark’s popular movie, “Christmas Waltz,” is working on a sequel. But fans have a lot of questions after the announcement was quietly made, including whether the sequel is going to air on Hallmark or somewhere else.

(Note: On June 6, it was officially announced by Deadline that “Paris Christmas Waltz” would air on Great American Family. The original story before the announcement is below.)

The Sequel, ‘Paris Christmas Waltz,’ Begins Filming in June

Michael Damian, director of “Christmas Waltz,” and Janeen Damian have signed a three-picture deal with MPCA that includes a sequel to the Lacey Chabert-Will Kemp film, “Christmas Waltz,” Deadline reported.

The new movie is going to be called “Paris Christmas Waltz,” and it will begin filming in Europe in June, Deadline reported. The leads have not yet been announced, but they’re actively casting for the film.

However, it’s not clear whether the sequel will air on Hallmark or a different network.

Michael Damian told Deadline: “Janeen and I are thrilled and excited to continue our collaboration/partnership with Brad Krevoy.”

Damian himself hasn’t shared any additional details as of the time of this article’s publication. When the announcement was made, he shared it on Twitter and simply wrote: “Hey friends, some exciting news to share with you!”

Fans were excited about the news, though many commented that they hope Chabert and Kemp will make an appearance in the sequel.

One fan tweeted, “How exciting!! I’m super excited about Paris Christmas Waltz. It combines my dream of going to Paris one day with one of my favorite Christmas movies by you two. Congratulations!!”

Another fan wrote, “The Damian’s can make Paris Christmas Waltz for Hallmark. They make movies for Hallmark GAC and Netflix. It will not be the same if @IamWillKemp and @IamLaceyChabert are not in Paris Christmas Waltz. They just have to be in it!”

According to Deadline, the Damians’ first MPCA movie will be “Irish Wish” on Netflix starring Lindsay Lohan. They will also be making a film in Austria called “A Sound of Music Christmas.”

The Twitter account @SleepyKittyPaw, known for sharing accurate behind-the-scenes news about Hallmark films, noted that “Hallmark’s work with MPCA [is] limited to WHEN CALLS THE HEART since launch of Great American Family, where Brad Krevoy is an investor.” Krevoy is CEO of MPCA.

The account added: “My guess, and it’s just that, is PARIS CHRISTMAS WALTZ will be spiritual, non-direct sequel to CHRISTMAS WALTZ, and will not debut on Hallmark.”

Chabert & Kemp Are Starring in a Similar Movie Called ‘The Dancing Detective’

Meanwhile, Chabert and Kemp have finished filming a similarly-themed movie called “The Dancing Detective.” They filmed in Malta, and Chabert posted a goodbye note to the beautiful location in late March, Yahoo news shared.

ET Online announced the new mystery movie, which is about detective Constance Bailey (Chabert) who goes undercover as a contestant in a ballroom dance competition to investigate the murder of a high-profile CEO. She enlists the help of Sebastian Moore (Kemp) to help her pass herself off as a real contestant. Moore is described as a “charismatic and free-spirited performer.” The descriptions are reminiscent of the characters the two played in “Christmas Waltz,” except without the murder mystery twist.

The movie is expected to air later this year.

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