Chyler Leigh Reveals if Theories Behind Susanna & Kat’s Chemistry Were Right

Susanna and Kat

Hallmark/Heavy Susanna and Kat

As Hallmark’s “The Way Home” prepares for its third season, one relationship that has captured the hearts and imaginations of fans is the unique bond between Susanna and Kat. Their connection offered a profound look into love, respect, and mutual admiration across time. During a recent panel interview at the ATX TV Festival, the cast and showrunners commented on the chemistry between Chyler Leigh (Kat) and Watson Rose (Susanna) and just what it meant.

Showrunners Heather Conkie and Alexandra Clarke, co-creator Marly Reed, and cast members Leigh (Kat), Evan Williams (Elliot), and Sadie Laflamme-Snow (Alice) led a cast and creators panel on June 2, moderated by Emily Longeretta of Variety. Clarke and Conkie also led a limited-attendance micro panel on June 1 that Longeretta moderated. Heavy attended both events and is sharing a series of articles about what happened.

Leigh Said Kat & Susanna Represented Something ‘Unrepresentatble’ in the 1800s

Kat and Susanna’s bond added a layer of complexity to the show, especially given the historical context in which Susanna lived. During the second panel on June 2, the cast and creators were asked if fan theories about Kat and Susanna’s bond were correct. Leigh hinted that there may have been more between the two characters.

“We sort of suss out folks a little bit just to make sure that the vibes are vibing,” Leigh said about casting choices for show. “We actually did a chemistry read with two lovely actresses, Watson Rose being one of them … just to see what it would be like… Not really defining anything, not trying to put any borders on anything at all. But just, how can we represent something from a time that was unrepresentable and that was totally not even thought of? It would be better that you were a witch than you would be a lesbian.”

The characters’ chemistry were often talked about by fans. Even fellow co-star Williams tweeted about it on X in late March 2024.

“Gotta say, as much as I will always ship #Kalliot (obvs), one cannot deny there are V I B E S between Kat and Susanna,” Williams wrote. “Kindred spirits even the chasm of time can’t dilute. @chy_leigh #thewayhome.”

‘They Were in Awe of Each Other,’ One of the Showrunners Shared

Clarke touched on the bond between Kat and Susanna during the second ATX TV panel on June 2, sharing: “I think the Susanna Kat relationship is just pure love… They are in awe of one another. They see strength in one another that they are not thinking they are capable of themselves”

But it went beyond that, even. They had a meeting of minds that ran deep, Clarke said.

“Here is this woman in 1814 who is afraid to really say what she is, who she is,” Clarke continued. “Doesn’t even really have the words for it. And here comes Kat, who’s this strong, independent, fiercely vocal woman in pants… And then conversely, I think Susanna, she is such a strong woman, but it’s a quiet strength. And it’s from within… And she’s so dignified and determined to live the life she wants to live on her own terms, in a time that might not necessarily let her. And so, I think when they meet each other, it’s a meeting of minds, but there is this sort of chemistry. No question about it…”

A Chemistry Read Revealed that Rose Was the Perfect Choice for Susanna

Leigh said during the panel at ATX TV Festival that when she did a chemistry read with Rose, they knew immediately that Rose was the right choice to play Susanna.

“So reading with Watson, it was just like we knew,” she said. “…She came in and she was so well-prepared.”

Then she joked about how goofy Rose can be.

“If you meet Watson in person, as beautiful and elegant as she is — and she’s stunningly gorgeous … inside and out,” Leigh said. “But she’s the biggest gremlin you will ever meet in your life. She’s the goofiest person… And we call each other gremlins, so it’s fine.”

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