Danica McKellar’s Christmas Movie Co-Star Launched a Business with Joe Exotic

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Danica McKellar has two degrees of separation from Joe Exotic, it appears. A co-star in her new Hallmark Christmas movie, “You, Me & the Christmas Trees,” recently started a business with Joe Exotic.

Jason Hervey Started a Cannabis Business with Joe Exotic

Jason Hervey, who co-stars in “You, Me & the Christmas Trees,” started a cannabis business with Joe Exotic (whose real name is Joseph Maldonado-Passage), Forbes reported over the summer.

Hervey said the opportunity was presented to him by attorney and friend Brad Small, who represents Joe Exotic along with other celebrities like Eva Longoria.

In the deal, Maldonado-Passage licensed his likeness and “Joe Exotic” to Hervey’s business, so it can be used in a celebrity cannabis brand. Hervey runs Cannaxxs Limited, which acquires intellectual property, Forbes reported. He and his business partner, Josh Anderson, in turn, run THC Group, which markets celebrity cannabis brands. (THC Group is short for Tango Hotel Charlie Group, LLC.)

The brand, Joe Exotic Cannabis, is partnered with both businesses, TMZ reported. Cannaxxs owns the IP and brand, THC Group manufactures the product, and Joe Exotic enjoys the revenue from licensing his name and likeness. He received an advance and a stake in the venture, and the money will be kept in a trust used for charity, legal defense, and to support family, Forbes reported.

Joe Exotic’s cannabis brand — Joe’s Exotics — was the first that THC Group marketed, with other celebrity brands being featured in the future. Hervey originally said the products would feature “top-shelf” strains and only be available in three states.

However, Forbes later reported that Joe Exotic launched his product with Delta-8 products, which are legal hemp products and not the cannabis products that are subject to federal bans. The products included gummies, pre-rolled joints, and a seltzer called “Tiger Piss,” and are available in 37 states. The THC products were launching later, starting in California with plans for expansion in the future.

Anderson told Forbes about the venture, “People probably assumed this would be a gimmicky brand, but we are genuinely going to have some of the best cannabis in the state.”

The packaging features drawings of tigers and cubs, along with a drawing of Joe smoking a blunt, TMZ reported. Tiger stripes line the inside of the packages.

Hervey Also Starred with McKellar on ‘The Wonder Years’

The Wonder Years – Wayne Arnold montage Season 4 to 6*UPDATE* 4/15 – Thank you for 10K views! *UPDATE* 2/10 – Thank you for 9000 views! *UPDATE* 11/10 -Thank you for 7000 views! *UPDATE* 8/27 – Thank you for 5000 views! *UPDATE* 4/28 – Thank you for 1000 views! *UPDATE* 3/27 – Thank you for 500 views! The Wonder Years – Wayne Arnold Tribute When…2012-11-24T18:31:19Z

McKellar starred as Winnie Cooper on “The Wonder Years,” and Hervey starred as Wayne Arnold. In case you don’t remember him, you can see a montage of some of his appearances on the series in the video above.

Since starring in “The Wonder Years,” Hervey has starred in other productions including “TNA iMPACT! Wrestling,” “Justice League Unlimited,” “100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd,” “The Last Ride,” “Spring Fling!,” “Take Me Home Again,” and more. Prior to “The Wonder Years” he was also on “Diff’rent Strokes,” “Pee-wee’s Big Adventure,” and “Back to the Future.”

McKellar thought Hervey would be perfect for the new Christmas movie role, she told Us Weekly. She said he’s mostly a producer now and doesn’t act as much, but he agreed to be in the movie with her.

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