Danica McKellar & Her Mom Launching New Series

Danica McKellar in Christmas at Grand Valley

Crown Media Danica McKellar in Christmas at Grand Valley

Danica McKellar and her mother are both launching new TV shows. McKellar is a GAC Family star who formerly headlined numerous Hallmark movies. Her mother has also starred in Hallmark films. The two are each launching their own series on an app helmed by Great American Media.

According to a press release that GAC Media sent to Heavy, the new app — called Great American Community — will launch on Monday, September 26 with 15 series from well-known TV hosts and stars. The McKellars are each launching a new series on the app.

The app is a free direct-to-consumer app that can be downloaded in mobile app stores. It’s the brainchild of Bill Abbott, President and CEO of Great American Media and former CEO of the Hallmark Channel.

Danica McKellar’s New Series Focuses on Positive Living

According to the press release, McKellar’s new series is called “Bits of Joy” and focuses on finding joy and positivity in everyday life. The press release notes: “In her series, she will be sharing Bible Bits, Healthy Bits and Math Bits.”

Danica McKellar's Instagram story

InstagramDanica McKellar’s Instagram story

Her episodes will premiere on September 26, and thereafter new episodes will air every Monday and Thursday.

McKellar’s Mom’s New Series Focuses on Meditation

Mahaila McKellar, Danica’s mother, is also launching a series on the Great American Community app. Mahaila is a certified meditation teacher, according to GAC’s press release, and her series is going to focus on bringing “positivity and mindfulness to stress-filled days.” The series will be called “The Mindful Life” and will air new episodes every Tuesday and Saturday, following a premiere on September 26.

Mahaila starred in Hallmark’s movie “Christmas in Grand Valley.” Danica recently posted about her mom for her 76th birthday.

Danica wrote, “You continue to amaze me – thank you so much for being such an incredible example of grace and for being an unwavering support system my entire life – and now for Draco, too!”

Danica also mentioned her mom’s new series in her post, writing: “She’ll be posting lifestyle content on the app alongside myself, other @gactv talent and many familiar faces from @homeandfamilytv, so keep an eye out for that at the end of September! 🤗”

Danica McKellar left Hallmark when she signed an exclusive two-year deal with GAC Family. The deal covers rom-coms and holiday movies, so McKellar could still star in mystery movies on Hallmark if the network wanted to make any.

In fact, McKellar shared on social media that Hallmark decided to stop making the MatchMaker Mystery series, but “I’d love to make more mysteries – alot of us would. 🤗.”

McKellar’s last “Matchmaker Mysteries” movie was “The Art of the Kill,” which premiered in April 2021. The series stars McKellar, Victor Webster, Bruce Boxleitner, and more.

In an exclusive interview with Heavy, McKellar said that working with GAC Family gave her a more collaborative experience than she ever had with a movie before.

“Bill Abbott is a friend, and he’s such a good person,” she told Heavy. “And I jumped at the opportunity to help him build this new network. … It’s a smaller network right now, and we’re building something together. And that in itself is this great feeling of collaboration and teamwork.”

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