Danica McKellar Reveals If She Will Return to Hallmark for ‘MatchMaker Mysteries’

MatchMaker Mysteries

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Danica McKellar signed an exclusive contract with GAC Family, which means she will be making rom-com movies for the new network rather than for Hallmark. However, an unanswered question that fans have been asking is whether or not the contract precluded her from making new movies for her “MatchMaker Mysteries” franchise. In a series of social media posts, McKellar revealed that she would still return to Hallmark for the “MatchMaker Mysteries” series if that ever became an option, and she encouraged fans to contact the network and let them know they wanted more movies in the series.

She Said Hallmark Decided to Stop Making the ‘Matchmaker’ Series, But She Would Love to Return

On Twitter, Traci Briann asked McKellar if she would be making any more “MatchMaker Mysteries” movies. McKellar replied that Hallmark had decided to stop making a lot of mystery movies, including hers, but she would love to return.

She wrote, “They decided to stop making them last summer, along with many others! 🤷‍♀️ Let them know how you feel; I’d love to make more mysteries – alot of us would. 🤗”

The Resident Rulebreakers Podcast asked for clarification since McKellar has signed an exclusive contract with GAC Media. The Resident Rulebreakers Podcast is co-hosted by Camille Bonus, who also co-hosts the Hallmark Heartbeats podcast. The Resident Rulebreakers Podcast is dedicated to the Fox series, “The Resident.” The Hallmark Heartbeats podcast is dedicated to reviewing Hallmark movies all year, with a focus on diversity and representation.

McKellar replied: “Hi! I love many people in front of and behind the camera at both networks… and I’m only exclusive with GAC for rom-coms and Christmas movies. Hope you are having a nice night!”

Resident Rulebreakers asked for clarification. Would she really return to Hallmark for the MatchMaker movies? McKellar replied that yes, she would love to return to Hallmark and make more mystery movies.

When McKellar first announced her exclusive deal with GAC Family, fans had asked about “Matchmaker Mysteries” but didn’t get a response.

When the news about her contract was first announced, a GAC Media representative confirmed with Heavy that the exclusive deal covered rom-coms and holiday films during the term of her contract, which lasted through 2023.

McKellar’s last “Matchmaker Mysteries” movie was “The Art of the Kill,” which premiered in April 2021. The series stars McKellar, Victor Webster, Bruce Boxleitner, and more.

A six-hour marathon just aired on January 21.

“MatchMaker Mysteries” is one of a number of mystery series that Hallmark stopped making. On December 1, Kellie Martin shared on Twitter that “Hailey Dean Mysteries” had been canceled and would not be returning for another installment.

Alexa and Carlos PenaVega’s series, “Picture Perfect Mysteries,” is also canceled, Alexa shared on social media.

One mystery series that Hallmark has confirmed is returning is “Aurora Teagarden,” which has a new installment in February.

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McKellar Said GAC Family Gave Her More Creative Freedom

In an exclusive interview with Heavy, McKellar said that working with GAC Family gave her a more collaborative experience than she ever had with a movie before.

“That’s something I found doing GAC movies…” she told Heavy. “Even on the movies that I executive produced before, it’s just a different feeling… There was this feeling of freedom, and they all said to me [after filming ‘Winter Palace’] ‘Thank you for making it so collaborative.’ Well, thank GAC because that’s where I got my sense of freedom and collaboration from.'”

She said this possibility of greater freedom was part of what drew her to sign with GAC Family.

“Bill Abbott is a friend, and he’s such a good person,” she told Heavy. “And I jumped at the opportunity to help him build this new network. … It’s a smaller network right now, and we’re building something together. And that in itself is this great feeling of collaboration and teamwork.”

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