WATCH: Deleted Scenes & Bloopers from ‘Three Wise Men & a Baby’

Three Wise Men & a Baby

Hallmark Three Wise Men & a Baby

During a special panel for “Three Wise Men & a Baby” at Roma Drama Live, fans were delighted to get the chance to watch some deleted scenes and bloopers. Tyler Hynes and Paul Campbell attended the event in person, and Andrew Walker attended via video. You can watch videos of the deleted scenes and bloopers below.

The Stars Shared a Deleted Scene from the Movie

During their panel at Roma Drama Live, the stars shared some bloopers and deleted scenes. You can watch one of them in the Instagram video below or at this link.

In this video, the two brothers are out shopping and when Tyler Hynes’ character introduces himself to a woman at the store, she calls them an adorable little family, thinking the two brothers are a couple.

A Backstory About Campbell’s Character Was Also Deleted

The script had a backstory about Hynes’ character, which is talked about at 3:37 in the video below, that explained why Taylor didn’t drive a car.

Campbell shared: “The backstory was that he’s kind of environmentally conscious, the joke about Mark’s truck and the ozone layer… Originally Mark said, ‘Nice plant, did it come with slippers and a cardigan?’ And he said, ‘Nice truck, did it come with a personalized hole in the ozone layer? … Our idea was that he takes the bus or the train and he’s environmentally conscious, so he doesn’t own a car. He’s a very particular guy and he’s a complicated guy. And you know, you write these deep backstories but there’s not time to work it in… We also wrote a scene where he gets off the bus at the beginning and he’s like, ‘Work’s starting right now,’ I’m gonna get that coffee. And he goes to get the coffee and he shows up late.”

Campbell said they built a whole world around that, but there just wasn’t time and it had to be cut.

They Also Shared a Video fo the 3 Actors Practicing Their Dance

For the blooper reels, Roma Drama Live also shared a video of Hynes, Campbell, and Walker practicing the dance that was shown near the end of the movie. That moment and other bloopers are included in the 14-minute video below.

But that was just the beginning. The video goes on to show other blooper moments that took place while they were filming the movie. At about 3:40 into the video, we see Campbell preparing for one of his scenes in a fun behind-the-scenes moment. At about 7:00, you also get to see how the van scene was filmed.

During the panel at about eight minutes into the video above, Campbell shared about some other scenes that were edited out. He said a conversation the characters had about the mini-van was removed, when they asked who owned the van.

“I don’t know, I just panicked and said my baby needs help and some lady threw me her keys and I left,” he said that Walker’s character shared. They asked if they had time to get the contest done, but he said, “we should probably get this van back first,” and then the scene ended.

“He’s driving a mini-van in the movie for one scene and that was it,” Campbell explained. “He stole it from a lady…”

“She gave it to me, I didn’t steal it,” Walker corrected.

At about 9:45 into the video, there’s a really funny moment with Hynes and a baby doll he’s using in place of the real baby for a scene.

“It truly takes a village to make these movies,” Hynes told the fans.

At one point during the event, Hynes paused a video on Walker shirtless and the fans applauded and cheered.

The video below just shares some fun moments that took place at the event.

During a session with fans, Hynes talked about how much they all appreciate them.

“You know, we all are busy, we all have lives — time, money — these are all very, very important commodities,” he said. “And it is not lost to me that you guys just bringing yourselves here to participate with us, that does an absolutely immeasurable amount for our lives, both personally and even professionally. … You guys being thrilled and excited, as much as that seems to make you happy, it’s twice as much for us.”

“Seeing the response was really an extra thing we didn’t expect but are so happy, so proud of,” Campbell shared during the panel.

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