Hallmark Admits Elizabeth May Be Reconsidering Love Triangle Choice on WCTH

Elizabeth shown with Nathan

Hallmark Elizabeth shown with Nathan

Season 10 of “When Calls the Heart” has been causing quite a stir among Hallmark viewers. And episode 9, “Deep Water” — which premiered on September 24 — was no exception.

The plot seems to keep hinting that Elizabeth is reconsidering a love triangle that most viewers thought was resolved. Some fans have been insistent that Team Lucas isn’t in danger, but a post from Hallmark Channel’s official Facebook page on premier day paints a different picture.

Note: This article will have SPOILERS for season 10 episode 9, the newest episode that aired on September 24. 

Hallmark’s Facebook Page Hinted Elizabeth May Be Having Second Thoughts

Any hopes that the show wasn’t hinting about the love triangle’s return were dashed after Hallmark Channel revealed the teaser for the next episode.

The trailer was captioned: “Is Elizabeth having second thoughts? Find out more on next week’s all new episode of When Calls the Heart.”

Even more telling was the trailer itself. This wasn’t the official trailer that aired after episode 9, but a special sneak peek shared on social media.

In the clip, Elizabeth is talking about her wedding plans with Rosemary, when the discussion takes an unexpected turn.

“Maybe this is a bad omen,” Elizabeth says.

“No, no of course it isn’t,” Rosemary replies. “This is just a mistake.”

It looks like they’re working on her veil for the wedding while they’re talking.

Elizabeth looks upset, so Rosemary gently asks, “Elizabeth?”

She answers: “There’s just so much going on. The town and the water and the wedding in the middle of it all. It’s normal to get the jitters, isn’t it?”

“Sure it is,” Rosemary replies. “Are you having doubts?”

A Recent Poll Showed Fans Still Thinking Lucas & Elizabeth Would End Up Together, but Others Disagreed

Elizabeth shown upset about Nathan.

HallmarkElizabeth shown upset about Nathan.

A recent poll in a public “When Calls the Heart” Facebook group asked viewers if they thought Elizabeth would end up with Nathan or if she and Lucas would be fine. With nearly 500 votes cast, 35% voted that Lucas and Elizabeth would be fine. But a close 33% voted that Elizabeth would realize she was in love with Nathan. About 22% voted that she would postpone the wedding.

It’s clear that Team Nathan and Team Lucas fans are still divided and unsure what the outcome of the season will be. And it’s understandable. In season 10 episode 9, Elizabeth had quite a few scenes with Nathan. At the beginning of the episode, she was shown getting distracted talking with Rosemary because she was watching Nathan and Allie play with Little Jack. Later, she had an awkward moment with Nathan when she appeared almost nervous.

There were also scenes when she was willing to postpone wedding planning with Lucas in order to help Rosemary before the governor’s arrival, and didn’t seem upset about the postponements. Finally, near the end of the episode, when she thought Nathan was hurt, she was crying in the barn to Henry about how she couldn’t go through the pain of losing a Mountie again. And at the very end of the episode, Henry confronted her and told her that she needed to take a hard look at how she was reacting.

But none of that reveals for certain what will happen. She and Lucas were working together in the episode to get ready for the governor’s arrival, and they still have a good rapport. So the show isn’t being clear about where things are going to end up.

One person wrote on Facebook in a public “When Calls the Heart” discussion group after the latest episode: “Please don’t bring the triangle back. Three years of that was enough. The beginning of the season has been so light hearted and fun. Please don’t spoil it.”

Another fan replied, “Although i like Nathan better than Lucas for Elizabeth… the Three LONG drawn out fake triangle years are finally behind us… lets move on!! Jack is going to be a teenager before they finally get hitched at this rate.”

Another fan wrote, “I think it triggered her past because she cares about him. I don’t believe she wants to be with him. She said herself she couldn’t do that again. I’ll be very disappointed if they bring the triangle back.”

In a public Hallmark Facebook group, one fan wrote that they were tired of the love triangle and didn’t want it to return. They posted: “WCTH, Maybe you all like this kind of drama, I don’t. For two seasons I stuck around while Elizabeth played Lucas and Nathan against each other. It got very boring and disgusting. It’s obvious they are going for that same story line again. I loved this series but I’m out now. I do hope they get her married eventually and put this worn out love sick trio to rest.”

But one viewer had a different interpretation, writing: “All along I wanted Elizabeth to marry Nathan. I now have a bit of hope that they will get together after all. 🤞

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