‘When Calls the Heart’ Stars Dish on Elizabeth’s ‘Nathan vs Lucas’ Choice

Nathan, Elizabeth and Lucas

Crown Media Elizabeth must choose between Nathan and Lucas.

Elizabeth’s going to finally choose between Nathan and Lucas on Hallmark’s When Calls the Heart. And the decision may happen sooner than you expect, the stars revealed in a recent interview. But your guess about who she chooses could be all wrong.

This article will have minor spoilers about Season 8 of When Calls the Heart.

Elizabeth Will Make Her Decision Near the End of Season 8

When Calls the Heart Season 8: Elizabeth FINALLY Chooses Nathan or Lucas! (Exclusive)Erin Krakow, Chris McNally, Kevin McGarry and Jack Wagner exclusively open up to ET’s Deidre Behar ahead of ‘When Calls the Heart’s season 8 premiere. The actors reveal that Elizabeth Thornton will finally make a decision between her two suitors, Lucas Bouchard and Mountie Nathan Grant. They also add that there will also be a…2020-12-25T18:59:15Z

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Erin Krakow (Elizabeth),  Chris McNally (Lucas), and Kevin McGarry (Nathan) dished on when we can expect Elizabeth to make a choice between Nathan and Lucas, finally putting an end to the love triangle.

“I’m happy to say that we will in Season 8 have a decision, and we’ll get to see Elizabeth move on with her romantic life,” Krakow told Entertainment Tonight. “…Love triangles are so exciting to watch and…I’m really proud of the way we’ve told this story. But they’re also really frustrating, and I have felt that from the fans. … I mean, they’re enjoying the ride but…they’re so eager to see Elizabeth and Baby Jack happy and starting to kind of get to enjoy that real courtship…”

McGarry revealed that the decision doesn’t happen until closer to the end of Season 8, and fans might have a hard time guessing who she ends up with.

“She definitely makes a decision,” he told Entertainment Tonight. “It takes her most of Season 8 to get there. She’s being true to her heart when she makes it… There are more red herrings in this season than a zoo… You think it’s going one way and then all of a sudden it goes the other way. But then it’s back to the other way. And it’s all over the place. … Don’t think that you’ve figured it out until the very end.”

McNally confirmed that fans are going to be kept guessing.

“This season has much higher stakes. It’s a very, a roller coaster of a season,” he told Entertainment Tonight. “…Kevin and Erin and I didn’t know what the final result would be as we were working on it. It just keeps evolving and becoming more and more intense. And at one point you think it’s going one way, and then it changes and goes the other way, and then it looks like it’s gonna swing back. I hope that they’re as on edge as we were while we were reading the scripts.”

McNally said that Nathan gets more confident in his pursuit of Elizabeth, while Lucas continues moving forward in his courtship too.

“Season 8 just takes it to the next level where it’s like people you know, people could get quite hurt depending on the outcome,” he shared.

Elizabeth Will Enjoy a Kiss with Her Choice This Season

VideoVideo related to ‘when calls the heart’ stars dish on elizabeth’s ‘nathan vs lucas’ choice2020-12-29T18:53:31-05:00

Not only will Elizabeth make her final choice, but she’ll also enjoy a long-awaited kiss with the man she chooses, Krakow shared with Entertainment Tonight after she was asked if Elizabeth would have a “big PDA” moment on the show.

“Yes and yes,” she said. “I’m so happy that we’ve been able to find some closure to this love triangle and that Elizabeth is going to get to move forward with this particular man.”

She said that Elizabeth realizes this season that she’s comfortable with being pursued and really takes the reins.

Krakow Dropped Hints Earlier This Year Too

These aren’t the first hints that Krakow has dropped about what to expect in Elizabeth’s love life in the coming season.

On an Instagram post she shared about wrapping filming for Season 8 in November, Krakow hinted that Elizabeth might not be single for long.

She wrote:

Yesterday we picture wrapped Season 8 of @wcth_tv. It’s hard to describe the emotions I’m feeling: pride, happiness, relief, longing – it’s always bittersweet. This season more than ever, our WCTH family took excellent care of each other and I’m so grateful. That said, despite the pandemic things really didn’t feel THAT different. And that’s because we’ve ALWAYS cared for each other. Fewer hugs this season, but still so much love! I just love our cast & crew, and I’m already sad to have left our sweet little Hope Valley bubble. So I sincerely hope we’ll all be back together soon filming more WCTH!
Oh and btw – Elizabeth won’t have to hug herself much longer… 😉

In late September, she refused to give up any hints about who Elizabeth would choose. She wrote: “Oh, I don’t plan to share any details right NOW. Just wanted to assure you all that there will be romance in S8. Trust me.”

When Heavy hosted a poll in April about Lucas vs Nathan, 68.68% of respondents voted for Nathan, compared to 22.14% for Lucas. 6.31% said they simply missed Jack and neither compared to him.

When Calls the Heart Season 8 will premiere on The Hallmark Channel on February 21 at 9 p.m. Eastern/Pacific, 8 p.m. Central.

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