Erin Cahill Joins Cast of New TV Series

Erin Cahill

Heavy/Getty Actress Erin Cahill

Though it hasn’t been officially announced, Hallmark star Erin Cahill has dropped multiple hints on social media that she’s joining the cast of “Blue Ridge,” a new TV series currently filming in Charlotte, North Carolina. The show is based on a 2020 murder mystery movie of the same name, which starred Johnathon Schaech, Sarah Lancaster, and Lara Silva.

According to production company Imagicomm Entertainment, which also produced the movie, filming began in March 2023. Much of the original cast has rejoined, according to Yahoo, with Schaech reprising his starring role as Sheriff Justin Wise. The new “action crime series” is slated to premiere in late 2023 or early 2024 on the Cowboy Way Channel, a streaming channel dedicated to “Americana and action-packed programming.” Here’s what you need to know:

Erin Cahill Says She’s ‘Glowing With Excitement’ Over Role

Cahill — who last appeared in April’s “Hearts in the Game” on Hallmark Channel — has dropped hints on social media about joining the “Blue Ridge” cast in recent weeks. When Schaech posted an Instagram video from the set on April 29, she commented, “Cannot wait! So so so excited!! ♥️”

Schaech then responded, “@theerincahill can’t wait to have you in #BlueRidgeTv”

On May 2, he posted another video, sharing that “these are some of the most fun times I’ve had on set.” Cahill commented, “Glowing with excitement! 🙌👏”

Two days later, on May 4, the actress posted a Twitter photo of Charlotte from the sky as her plane prepared to land, and wrote, “Here for a fun project!” Over the photo, she typed, “Oh Charlotte you are pretty! SO excited for this next project and adventure!”

On May 8, Cahill posted a photo in her Instagram Stories of a gift set of snacks, beverages, a hat, a canvas tote with the name “Beth” on it — which may be her character’s name — and a note from the crew.

The notecard read, “Welcome to Charlotte! We’re so excited to have you on ‘Blue Ridge.’ Thank you for sharing your talent and being a part of this wonderful cast.”

It’s not clear if Cahill will have a recurring role in the series, given that filming began in March and, according to local news station WOSC-TV, is scheduled to wrap in May. Lancaster News, meanwhile, reported that “with the addition of new characters, each episode will take viewers deeper into the mystery, intrigue and suspense.”

Erin Cahill Filmed Another Top-Secret TV Series Recently

Erin Cahill

GettyHallmark actress Erin Cahill

“Blue Ridge” is not the only TV series cast Cahill has been part of lately. In December, Heavy reported Cahill had teased on Twitter that she’d been filming a TV series in Vancouver.

The post, made on December 9, included a photo with an envelope that read “Ep 101” to indicate the first episode of the series.

She wrote, “Last day on set of one of my favorite projects ever. I can’t WAIT to tell you all about it!!”

Cahill nor Hallmark have yet to officially confirm any details, but it’s likely she was working on Hallmark’s rumored upcoming holiday TV series “Holidazed.” On November 6, the Twitter account SleepyKittyPaw — which tracks production on Hallmark projects — posted that Cahill had been cast as one of the stars of the show.

According to a November report by the Lake Cowichan Gazette, local production manager Russ Hamilton confirmed a Hallmark holiday series was underway, slated to air in 2023. According to the paper, the series is about a neighborhood of five families who “share their lives during the hectic Christmas season.”

Hamilton told the Gazette that the series will be eight episodes long, with the first episode centered around all the families, and subsequent episodes focusing on individual families before they all come reunite later in the season.