Erin Cahill’s Newest Skill Could Take Her to the Big Leagues

Erin Cahill

Getty Erin Cahill.

While filming “Hearts in the Game,” Hallmark superstar Erin Cahill proved she’s more than a killer actress: she’s an athlete, too.

One scene shows Cahill’s character, Hazel Miller, swinging a baseball bat.

“I only got one practice before we filmed those scenes and hadn’t held a bat since [maybe] middle school?” Cahill said in an April 26 story on MediaVillage. “So, I’m tooting my own horn because people were like, ‘You’ve got a really good swing.’ I just kept hitting them!”

The film, which will premiere April 29 on Hallmark, is about a publicist, played by Cahill, who helps “a pitcher from the New York Mets – and her boyfriend from high school – find his way back to the game and her heart,” according to IMDb.

Cahill also mentioned playing Hazel, a high-powered, suit-wearing image consultant, was a “gift and cool challenge,” noting how her character is so much “different than her.”

“Hazel’s so different from me, and I couldn’t wait to explore that,” Cahill said. “I definitely see pieces of myself in her, and if I’m being honest, there wasn’t anyone in particular that I based her on,” she said

Erin Cahill on Tackling Mental Health

Erin Cahill

GettyErin Cahill.

While filming “Heart of the Game,” Cahill took pride, she said, in helping tackle issues such as body positivity, which was hit early on in the movie. Without giving any spoilers, Cahill expressed how excited she was to have a particular line and what power it would bring to women.

“You should, like, love who you are, and you shouldn’t be shamed for who you are, especially as a woman,” Cahill said in an April 26, 2023, interview with Just Jared.

While helping others love their body, she also had a hand in tackling mental health.

“The fact that this movie dealt with mental health is just so incredible to me, so important,” she says. “It’s a really important conversation, and so I couldn’t have been more thrilled or honored to be picked for this particular project and be part of it. I’ve had some friends who’ve dealt with some pretty intense mental health stuff, and I think that definitely helped in that way.”

Erin Cahill & Hallmark Embark on an Extended Journey

Cahill first appearance on Hallmark was in 2016’s “Sleigh Bells Ring.” Since then, she and Hallmark have continued to grow their relationship.

“Erin brings a warmth and grace to her roles that resonate so wonderfully with our viewers. She is such an authentic person, and that quality, combined with her talent, is a winning combination,” said Lisa Hamilton Daly, executive vice president of programming at Hallmark Media, to Variety for a story published October 25, 2022.

Cahill has big plans when it comes to her career. Like many Hallmark castmates, Cahill has started to produce. According to IMDb, she’s produced two movies with Hallmark, “Every Time a Bell Rings” and “Christmas on the Range,” and one in the indie genre, “A Taste of Love.”

Hallmark has been a welcoming home for me as an actress and a producer, and I look forward to sharing all the amazing things we’ve been creating together,” said Cahill to Variety on October 25, 2022.

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