Erin Krakow Posts Tantalizing Clue about Elizabeth’s ‘Lucas vs Nathan’ Choice

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Erin Krakow, who portrays Elizabeth on Hallmark’s When Calls the Heart, has been at the center of a love triangle that has left fans firmly siding with either Team Nathan or Team Lucas. After her character’s first husband, Jack, died, fans wanted to know who she would be paired with next. Elizabeth has chemistry with both and just hasn’t been able to make up her mind. Krakow recently posted a small clue that left fans even more curious about what Season 8 is going to bring.

She Hinted that Elizabeth May Be in a Relationship Soon

On an Instagram post she shared about wrapping filming for Season 8, Krakow hinted that Elizabeth might not be single much longer. She said her character wouldn’t have to “hug herself” much longer.

Her full post reads:

Yesterday we picture wrapped Season 8 of @wcth_tv. It’s hard to describe the emotions I’m feeling: pride, happiness, relief, longing – it’s always bittersweet. This season more than ever, our WCTH family took excellent care of each other and I’m so grateful. That said, despite the pandemic things really didn’t feel THAT different. And that’s because we’ve ALWAYS cared for each other. Fewer hugs this season, but still so much love! I just love our cast & crew, and I’m already sad to have left our sweet little Hope Valley bubble. So I sincerely hope we’ll all be back together soon filming more WCTH!
Oh and btw – Elizabeth won’t have to hug herself much longer… 😉

Of course, her post left fans speculating on just what she might mean. She posted the tantalizing clue on Twitter too.

One fan wrote: “Aw but she never had to anyway because Little Jack gives the best hugs! Still…hoping she won’t pass up a warm embrace from someone tall, dark and handsome sometime soon!”

A #TeamLucas fan wrote that she really hopes Lucas is the choice.

Another fan tweeted the photo of her hugging Nathan, speculating that this was the source of her message.

Krakow Has Been Very Secretive About What to Expect

Krakow took to Twitter in late September to share that she wasn’t going to give any hints about who Elizabeth might choose, but there will be romance in the new season. She wrote: “Oh, I don’t plan to share any details right NOW. Just wanted to assure you all that there will be romance in S8. Trust me.”

She shared a “Happy Birthday” post with Lucas, but didn’t divulge any secrets there.

In late September, one fan called her character a “trollop” for moving on from Jack, saying they believe she should stay single and pining for Jack until she dies. But Krakow had a different interpretation of what Elizabeth should do.

Krakow wrote: “You must still be hurting from Dan’s exit. I’m sorry. I’m sure that hurts. I just think we see love differently. I don’t believe Elizabeth should have to ‘be true’ to Jack until she dies. New love doesn’t cheapen what J & E had. I’m here if you want to talk, without name calling.”

On October 26, she continued to not answer the love triangle question, saying that she wouldn’t even share if Elizabeth gets a kiss this season.

Susan Firth shared a tweet with a video of Krakow and McGarry, thanking everyone for working through the pandemic.

When Heavy hosted a poll in April about Lucas vs Nathan, 68.68% of respondents voted for Nathan, compared to 22.14% for Lucas. 6.31% said they simply missed Jack and neither compared to him.

So the mystery still remains, but it seems pretty clear that Elizabeth will finally be making some kind of a choice.

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