Erin Krakow Teases ‘Fun’ Music Scenes & New Characters in ‘When Calls the Heart’ Season 10

Erin Krakow

Hallmark/Getty Erin Krakow

Hallmark’s “When Calls the Heart” season 10 premieres on July 30, and stars are already dropping hints about what to expect. In a series of recent interviews, Erin Krakow — who portrays Elizabeth in the series — promised big things were coming that fans wouldn’t want to miss.

Krakow Hinted That There Will Be Some Type of ‘Music’ Focus for Season 10

In an interview with TV Insider, Krakow (who is also an executive producer for “When Calls the Heart”) promised that season 10 is “going to be epic.”

She shared: “It’s going to be a very exciting, dramatic, romantic season. There’s music. It’s really jam-packed, and I’m very proud of it.”

She opened up a bit more in an interview with TV Fanatic.

“There are some other new flirtations that you’ll see in town,” she hinted. “There’s just a great sense of community. We have some music coming up in season 10, which is a little new and different for us, and that was really fun to get to film.”

New Characters Will Be Joining This Season

She told TV Fanatic that everyone’s excited about Rosemary and Lee’s baby, but there will also be some new characters joining.

“We do have some new characters to mix things up a little bit,” she shared. “I know people are anxious for Nathan to find love. Lucas and Elizabeth are continuing to explore their relationship and the various challenges that come with it as they learn more and more about each other.”

She told ET Online in an interview: “It’s an incredible season with a lot going on — some new characters, some new romance, some drama. There’s some really funny moments. There’s a new baby coming. There is a lot happening in season 10. It’s a big season and we’re reaching our 100th episode. I feel it is, and I hope it is, worth the wait for our very patient Hearties.”

She added that Elizabeth and Lucas will enjoy a very elegant date during season 10.

“I can say that in true Lucas fashion, he sets up a very romantic and elegant date night for them,” she teased. “So there’s that to look forward to.”

In an interview with Southern Living, Krakow would only hint about the new season vaguely.

“It’s tough to talk about without giving anything away,” she said. “But it’s going to be a good one. And of course we’re thrilled and so grateful to Hallmark that they’ve picked us up for season eleven so work really has already begun on that.”

Krakow also told TV Fanatic that she’s very grateful to Hallmark, especially considering that the show has already been renewed for an eleventh season in 2024.

“I’m super grateful to Hallmark that they are keeping us going,” she shared. “We’re thrilled to be going back, and it’s nice that we don’t have to wait so long for a pickup… It’s lovely for us and for the fans and for our writers because they’re already hard at work on season 11 coming up with new storylines for everyone. And I have been hearing a lot about them, and it’s going to be a really great season.”

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