Erin Krakow’s Puppy Is Completely Melting Her Hallmark Colleagues’ Hearts

Erin Krakow

Getty Hallmark actress Erin Krakow

Nearly a month after introducing her new rescue pup on social media, Hallmark Channel star Erin Krakow is clearly smitten with little Willoughby — and so are her Hallmark colleagues. Krakow first shared the dog with fans on January 15, 2023, when she posted a photo on Instagram and Facebook of the tiny black dog, with tan and white markings, lounging on a bed. The little guy has since become a social media star, as fans and Hallmark talent can’t get enough of him.

Krakow adopted Willoughby with her “When Calls The Heart” co-star — and unconfirmed but long-rumored beau — Ben Rosenbaum, who has also shared photos and videos of the dog on social media. According to Krakow’s posts, they found the pup — originally named Bubba — at Tobie’s Small Dog Rescue, a foster-based animal rescue organization in Los Angeles that was introduced to them by fellow Hallmark star Catherine Bell. Their posts have even inspired another Hallmark colleague, Andie MacDowell, to adopt her own tiny pup from the same rescue organization.

In the weeks since Willoughby made his social media debut, Krakow has shared photos of her miniature pup peeking his head out of her sweatshirt collar, snuggled up next to her face, and sitting inside a suitcase in which Krakow had packed his little dog bed and chew toy. Meanwhile, Rosenbaum has also featured Willoughby on his Instagram account, including a photo of him tucked inside his pet carrier for a trip.

Hallmark Stars Swoon Over New Video of Erin Krakow’s Pup

On February 10, Krakow posted an Instagram video of her hand-feeding small chunks of apple to the pup and wrote, “Willoughby loves apple and I love his little chewing noises. Sound on.”

Though each heartwarming post that features Willoughby generates thousands of likes, Krakow’s latest video has proved to be especially swoon-worthy among her Hallmark colleagues.

Her “When Calls The Heart” co-star Pascale Hutton wrote, “Now I love his chewing noises too!!!”

Another “WCTH” colleague, Andrea Brooks, used emojis to comment, “The (apple) of your (eye)”

The social media account for the series, which recently announced that season 10 will premiere in July, left a comment that said, “When you google ‘nom nom nom’ …”

But Willoughby’s apple-crunching wasn’t just a hit with Krakow’s series colleagues; plenty of other Hallmark stars commented, too.

Lacey Chabert wrote, “He’s so adorable” and added a red heart emoji. 

Jonathan Bennett commented, “This is the best thing in the wirld.”

Catherine Bell added, “Haha awwwwww” and a heart-eyed emoji.

Erin Krakow’s Posts Inspired Andie MacDowell to Adopt Her Own Tiny Rescue Pup

Andie MacDowell

GettyActress Andie MacDowell

When Krakow first shared Willoughby on social media, she revealed that she’d been inspired to do so by Bell. Meanwhile, Krakow’s post inspired colleague Andie MacDowell, who stars in Hallmark’s “The Way Home,” to adopt her own tiny pup from the same rescue organization.

In her first post about Willoughby, Krakow thanked Bell — who recently revealed she’s working on a new movie — for helping to connect her and Rosenbaum with Tobie’s Small Dog Rescue. On January 8, the organization posted a photo of Bell cradling a tiny pup named Indy alongside her kids. The family got a chiweenie — a cross between a chihuahua and a dachshund, according to the World Animal Foundation — who was born several days before Willoughby.

On Krakow’s initial puppy post, MacDowell indicated that she was interested in getting a small pup from the organization, too.

She wrote, “I’ve been looking at their dogs for a good while now I’m just waiting for the right size something that I can take with me at the right time,” to which Krakow replied, “Pup playdates please!”

On Krakow’s January 18 post featuring Willoughby peeking out of her sweatshirt, MacDowell wrote, “Is this going to be a set dog I want to get one from them but I want to have one that doesn’t go completely crazy in your trailer”

Krakow replied, “Call me! They were so kind and easy to work with. I’m sure they can help you find a dog that suits your lifestyle.”

MacDowell may have been concerned about her next dog’s temperament given her experience with her prior pet. MacDowell’s previous dog, named after legendary actress Ava Gardner, was described in a 2018 New York Times profile of the actress as a “wheezy, nervous, rescued Chihuahua-Boston terrier mix” that “clung to her lap” throughout the interview.

Three days after telling Krakow that she wanted one she could take on set with her, MacDowell had a new dog, per a post from Tobie’s Small Dog Rescue. She adopted a tiny black and white pup originally named Bev, which she renamed Daisy Mae.

In response to their post, MacDowell wrote, “I love her so much she’s my best bud already.”

MacDowell first revealed her new pup to fans via her Instagram Stories on January 23. Over a video of the dog running around on a hiking trail with her, MacDowell wrote, “Hiking with my love my puppy Daisy Mae.”

The next day, she shared another video in her Stories of her holding Daisy Mae while backstage at “The Late Late Show With James Corden.” On February 10, MacDowell posted a video in her Instagram Stories of herself playing fetch inside a house with Daisy Mae.

When she saw Krakow’s new Instagram video of Willoughby eating apples, the actress commented, “So so cute how old is he now?” Though Krakow has not yet replied, Bell jumped in and wrote, “I love that we all have @tobiessmalldogrescue dogs now!!!”

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