Erin Krakow & Tyler Hynes’ FaceTime Post Sparks Hope of a New Movie

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Elizabeth and David’s romance on Hallmark’s movie “It Was Always You” was almost as popular as the love triangle on “When Calls the Heart.” Now Hallmark viewers are hoping that Erin Krakow’s recent post about Tyler Hynes might mean the two are working on a new project together. The two delighted fans when they starred together in “It Was Always You.”

Erin Krakow Posted About Being on FaceTime with Tyler Hynes

Erin Krakow recently shared a post on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook that showed her FaceTiming with Tyler Hynes. She wrote, “FaceTyme. 🥜🍰🎭”

The photo showed a picture of her chatting with Hynes on FaceTime. Krakow and Hynes played the lead roles in Hallmark’s “It Was Always You.” Ever since the movie ended, viewers have hoped that the two would either star in another movie together or make a sequel showing the latest chapter with Elizabeth and David.

Although neither a new movie nor a sequel has been announced, many fans are hoping the FaceTime photo might be a hint of things to come.

One person replied on Instagram: “I hope you’re discussing a sequel…” and Krakow responded with a simple emoji that didn’t confirm or deny the guess.


Another fan commented: “You two better be announcing a new project soon coz this is the longest tease ever!! 🍰🦪💃🏼🕺🏻🍿”

Another person wrote, “Discussing the sequel I hope?!!!!!!! 🤞🙏❤️”

This Was Their Second Public FaceTime After Hynes Surprised Krakow with a Call During RomaDrama

Hynes replied to Krakow’s post, writing: “We’re Even now for the no warning FaceTime pick up ;)” 

To which Krakow responded: “Not even close. Stay alert.”


One fan replied: “I totally agree this is nothing compared to what he did. You must plan something far more than this post. If you need ideas I’m sure a few would be more than happy to co-conspire with you!”

Another fan replied: ” I don’t know… posting his no warning FaceTyme on social media is pretty 😈 😂. His crowd wasn’t quite as large as your IG following.”

Their fans were referencing when Hynes surprised Krakow at the end of July with a live FaceTime call during his appearance on RomaDrama Live in Tennessee.

When he called her in front of a live audience, Krakow said that she was at home with a head cold and she looked terrible. Hynes replied, “You look beautiful, calm down.” The audience loved every minute.

Her Message Referenced Peanut Butter Cake from ‘It Was Always You’

Some fans were quick to notice that her original message did subtly reference “It Was Always You.” The emojis 🥜🍰 stand for peanut butter cake, and fans hope the third emoji, 🎭, references the movie. Peanut butter cake is a reference from the movie “It Was Always You.”

Earlier in the week, Krakow referenced the movie the same way, when joking that Hynes smelled like peanut butter cake.

Some fans also commented that Hynes would make a great addition to “When Calls the Heart.”

Other fans would be happy with either outcome.

Hynes just finished an appearance at RomaDrama Live! in Tennessee, where he shared stories about movies like “It Was Always You” and met with fans.

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