Fans Flood Candace Cameron Bure with Comments on Her ‘Redirecting’ to God Post

Getty Candace Cameron Bure

Hallmark and GAC star Candace Cameron Bure received a flood of comments from fans after she shared a post about how she redirects her thoughts on God when things get tough.

Bure Said She’s Sharing Her Go-To Verses for Staying Positive in Tough Times

In the Instagram post, Bure said that she was sharing some of her “go-to verses” that she uses “when the going gets tough.” She added that she takes time to focus on the Bible verses so she can “redirect my thoughts to God’s word when I feel negative or down.”

Bure added that there are a lot of tough things happening in the world, and she’s not trying to address any one thing in particular. “I’m not… minimizing any tragedies,” she shared. She said the videos are designed just to help people focus on the Bible.

She said her scripture for the day was Philippians 4:6-9, which speaks about not being anxious about anything, but instead bringing all requests to God. The verse also readers to think about things that are noble, admiral, “excellent or praiseworthy.”

In her video, Bure specified that she’s giving her viewers some “fighting words, some spiritual encouragement straight from the Word of God.”

In her video, she said her purpose is to share the verses that she personally goes to when times are tough, whether in relationships or any other area of life.

After she read the verse in the video, she added: “Bad things happen in the world. And I stay positive because I trust the Word of God. It tells me to dwell on whatever is pure and lovely and righteous and honorable and praiseworthy and of moral excellence. And that’s how I keep my mind positive, knowing that God’s hand is in control of everything. I trust that. And I focus my mind on what is good.”

Her Friends & Followers Flooded Her Comments in Response to Her Video

Bure’s fans, followers, and friends flooded her comments with replies in response to her video. And the majority of the comments were positive, thanking her for sharing her video.

Jill Wagner replied, “Needed to hear this today. Thank you.”

Michael Mims wrote, “Amen! Timely word. I just experienced a pretty bad injury on the 4th. Having a hard time trying to walk and put weight on my left leg plus no insurance. But praying and keeping hope! Thankful it’s not worse. 🙏🏽”

Jenna Askew wrote, “More of this Candace!! You and your bro are making waves and we need to keep hearing it!! 🙌❤️🙏🏼💯”

Michelle Hollensteiner wrote, “Candace I cannot thank you enough for this. I wasn’t ready for you to stop. I could talk about Jesus all day long and go to church every day. I just can’t get enough. Could you do more of this on Instagram? I needed this today. I’m missing my mom and something else has been bothering me today. I would love for you to be my prayer partner. Can you follow me back and we could be prayer partners? That would mean so much to me. I love you and I feel so blessed that you are my sister in Christ.”

TrulyLizzie wrote, “Beautiful!! I loved this very much!! Thanx for always being so inspiring and positive Candace!! 💕😊”

Sladeg wrote, “Ok…this is the 2nd time that I have scrolled past your Instagram and paused and honestly the message was exactly what I needed- EXACTLY. 🙏 thank you I am listening.”

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Deb Lengel
Deb Lengel
1 month ago

Just Thursday in Bible Study, we studied John the Baptist. Our questions throughout the lesson were on the subject of “how” we can be like John and our examples of witnessing. That being said, I have 3 words for you, YOU GO GIRL! Now, more than ever is the importance of sharing the words of our Lord and Savior. Amen! God bless you! (hoping this is a second post. Not sure it went the first time.)

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