Fashion Line Celebrates Iconic Andie MacDowell Moment

Andie MacDowell speaks onstage as Hallmark Channel celebrates the premiere of its series "The Way Home."

Getty Andie MacDowell speaks onstage as Hallmark Channel celebrates the premiere of its series "The Way Home."

A fashion line is celebrating an iconic moment from Andie MacDowell’s past. The Hallmark star has a long history of dazzling moments in Hollywood, including this vintage moment being celebrated in a new fashion debut.

A New Piece in a Fashion Line Is Inspired by What MacDowell Wore for a 1997 Movie Premiere

The designer Anna Sui designed a butterfly wing dress that Andie MacDowell wore to the 1997 premiere of her movie “Michael.” For Anna Sui’s Spring 2023 collection, the designer reintroduced a new redesigned version of those same wings.

Anna Sui wrote on Instagram: “For the Spring 2023 collection, Anna recreated her beloved butterfly wings, worn by Andie MacDowell, @andiemacdowell, at the 1997 premiere of her movie ‘Michael.'”

MacDowell commented: “I remember discovering this designer and thinking how cool I was to get to wear her stuff. excuse me but could the smile be any bigger❤️.”

Sui replied: “Thank you Andie!!! It was such a thrill and honor to have you wear it!!! ❤️💜❤️xxx Anna.”

Chase Sui Wonders wore the Spring 2023 butterfly wings to Anna Sui’s Fall Winter 2023 show during New York Fashion Week. Vogue reported that the event took place in mid-February at a club called Heaven Can Wait. Vogue noted that the entire show was about “hyping” Sui’s own past and sprinkling in fashion moments from the 1990s and 1960s.

You can watch a video of that moment below.

The butterfly wings can be purchased online. They’re Limited Edition Fairy Wings and come in different colors, including Pink Multi, Cocoa Multi, and Black Multi.

Town & Country referred to MacDowell’s 1997 butterfly wings as one of her most fashionable looks.

Another look at the 1997 butterfly wings can be seen above.

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Model Alek Wek wore them in 1997.

MacDowell Said It Was Easier to Get Work Back Then

In a 2019 interview about the movie “Michael” with Vulture, MacDowell recalled that it was easier to get work back then. She said she lived in Montana with three children and she’d go home for about three months at a time before calling her agent about finding another job.

“Then I knew it’d be time to get a job, so I’d call my agent,” she recalled. “It was much easier then, because your thirties are the best time for your career, as a woman. I’d say, ‘Start sending me some scripts.'”

MacDowell starred in the movie with John Travolta.

She recalled: “He’s very generous and kind. He had his own cook, and would offer to feed you, which was always a nice bonus. He’s got a very special energy around him.”

Today, MacDowell is one of the lead characters in Hallmark’s new series, “The Way Home.” And Roadside Attractions bought the rights to her comedy movie “My Happy Ending,” Deadline reported. It was released in theaters on February 24. The movie is about an actor who seeks medical treatment incognito and meets three unique women while at the hospital.

MacDowell also shared that she’s on a private celebrity dating app called Raya, Fox News reported. She said she was on there “mostly to do research for my new show.”

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