First Elizabeth & Lucas Video from ‘When Calls the Heart’ Season 9 Revealed

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In September,”When Calls the Heart” fans finally got a glimpse of Hope Valley’s newest power couple when a photo of Elizabeth and Lucas was shared on social media. Now, a video of #Lucabeth has been shared during season 9 filming, and Hallmark fans couldn’t be happier.

Erin Krakow Shared the Lighthearted Video on Social Media

While Chris McNally (Lucas) was the source of the first photo of Elizabeth and Lucas, Erin Krakow — who portrays Elizabeth — shared the first video. And just like the photo, this one was a fun-loving, lighthearted video that didn’t give away anything from the plot.

The video doesn’t have any sound, and it simply shows a quick GIF of McNally dressed as Lucas walking with Krakow as she’s dressed as Elizabeth. They’re not filming an actual scene at the moment, since McNally is holding a water bottle, but they’re both dressed in character and on the set where season 9 is being filmed.

Krakow didn’t provide any commentary except to tag McNally in the video.

One fan replied: “Blows up the Internet in 2 days:: Love this ❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍#LucaBeth”

Another fan replied: “Oh my goodness you have made my day! Love seeing you together! Season 9 can’t get here fast enough! Love you both! ❤️”

Another fan wrote: “Lucas looks especially dapper…any special event our L&E might be on the way to celebrate? 😉🥰😁👏🏻❤️❤️”

Another person wrote: “My how you two have the ability to cause such a stir🥄😍watching season 7 episode 8 right now. Simply the best🥰❤️”

Later, she shared a video while appearing to be dressed in the same costume. On her Instagram story, Krakow simply talked about a cookie that Pascale Hutton (Rosemary) gave her and how good it was.

Several days earlier, Krakow shared a photo of Elizabeth standing in front of bales of hay on set.

Quite a few fans observed that it looked like Krakow was wearing the same clothes that she wore in her video with McNally. Curious fans wondered if this might mean that Lucas and Elizabeth will have a scene in the stables and perhaps have another hoseriding scene too.

The newest Lucas-Elizabeth video shows the two wearing different costumes from the photo that was shared in September.

The day before sharing the video, Krakow shared a photo of her and Lori Loughlin as a way of celebrating the news that Loughlin was going to be joining “When Hope Calls” for season 2 on GAC Family.

Director Peter DeLuise Has Been Sharing Behind-the-Scenes Moments

Director Peter DeLuise has also been sharing some behind-the-scenes moments from the series.

He recently gave a video library tour.

DeLuise also shared a beautiful rainbow photo.

He also shared a photo from a scene with Allie and wrote: “Sometimes the best smiles are captured after the director yells, ‘cut’. ⁦@jaedalilymiller” 

Nathan keeps a photo of Allie on his desk, which is a sweet touch.

And here’s a behind-the-scenes moment at Abigail’s Cafe.

And another video showing the jail in Hope Valley.

And here’s what the jail looks like from a producer’s perspective.

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Judith Kallenbach
Judith Kallenbach
3 months ago

It definitely seems that Erin has the hots for Chris!

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