Where Was ‘Game of Love’ Filmed? See Cast Stories & Locations

"Game of Love"

Hallmark "Game of Love"

The Hallmark Channel’s newest movie, “Game of Love,” premieres on Saturday, March 11, at 8 p.m. Eastern/7 p.m. Central. The movie stars Kimberley Sustad and Brooks Darnell. Read on to learn all about where it was filmed and the cast involved.

‘Game of Love’ Was Filmed in Maple Ridge and Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

"Game of Love"

Hallmark“Game of Love”

According to a film notice pictured and posted on Twitter, “Game of Love” was filmed in late November in Vancouver and Maple Ridge, more specifically in locations such as Jim’s Pizza, Chameleon Café, and the ACT Theatre.

Jim’s Pizza usually posts pictures on Facebook to announce the closure of their restaurant for filming reasons, but no announcement was made in November.

Chameleon Café didn’t post anything on social media either, but they often share photos of the food they serve.

What’s Filming also shared that filming happened around Maple Ridge, Langley, Abbotsford, and Delta, all cities located near Vancouver.

Although some people were excited about the possibility of the movie being about game developers (which Hallmark has done before), this movie is actually about board games. It’s a unique twist.

Both stars went live on Facebook talking about their new movie and answering questions.

They also talk about the five love languages test, and Sustad laughed when she admitted that she took the test.

“I was time. I like the intentional time. I also like a lot of gifts, Brooks,” she said jokingly.

Darnell confessed that he found the concept of the five languages of love bizarre.

“The love language categories… That’s bizarre to me,” he said. “See, they don’t say anything about giving! There’s no giving options.”

Sustad said that this was part of the “service” option. You can watch their full discussion in the live Facebook interview.

Meet the Cast

"Game of Love"

Hallmark“Game of Love”

Hallmark’s synopsis reads:

Audrey Watson (Sustad) is put in charge of developing a new board game that is all about romantic love. To make sure things happen on a faster-than-normal schedule, she is paired with outside marketing consultant Matthew Reynolds (Darnell). The only problem is that these two have entirely different ways of working and views on the subject of love. Their attempts at working together end in disaster because the game in no way reflects what it’s like to meet and fall in love with the right someone. They soon realize they are influenced by their own mistakes in the dating world; while Audrey is too independent, Matt is preoccupied with looking the part and making the right impression. In order to build a successful board game that captures the art of romance, both have to figure out what they’re doing wrong and start working together as a team. Unexpectedly, helping each other begets a deeper attraction. When the game risks being cancelled, Audrey gets cold feet and pushes Matthew away. To hold onto everything that matters to her, she must confront her fears and find the right way to win the game of love.

According to her bio, Kimberley Sustad, who plays Audrey, is a Canadian actress spent her childhood riding horses and playing basketball. Sustad is a compelling performer whose many acting roles range from playing supportive sister Vivian Patterson in Hallmark’s “A Bride for Christmas,” to playing wicked witch Madeline Templeton in “Spookville.” Her hobbies are varied too, ranging from collecting different hot sauces to rocking out to Arabic pop music, her bio shares.

Brooks Darnell, who plays Matthew, starred in the feature film “Total Recall” (2012) and the original movie “All Yours” (2016) on the Hallmark Channel, his bio shared. He has featured roles in episodes of “Bones,” “Breakout Kings,” “Nothing Personal,” “Nikita,” and “Ghostly Encounters,” and his most recent role was a recurring one in “Shadowhunters” on Freeform.

He is also a talented musician. Just check out this Instagram post!

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