Why This 26,000-Member ‘Good Witch’ Facebook Group Shut Down

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A popular “Good Witch” Facebook group with more than 26,000 members unexpectedly shut down on Memorial Day, leaving fans scrambling to find a new community to join where they could discuss the show.

The Group Had 26,400 Members When It Shut Down the Day After the Latest ‘Good Witch’ Episode

A Facebook group called “Fans of Hallmark Channel’s Good Witch Movies & TV Series” was archived on Monday, May 31 with little notice to group members. The unexpected shutdown was shared by one of the admins of the group in a post that didn’t allow for any replies. The group was then archived. This was a fan-run group and not an official Hallmark group.

Admin Lisa Viera Colangelo simply posted: “In that the group has fallen into conflict, we admins have agreed to close this group.”


This was the only official explanation given for the page’s shut down.

If you visit the group, you’ll just see that it’s been archived. You can still see the old posts, but new posts, likes, and comments are no longer allowed.


At the time it was archived on May 31, 2021, the group had 26,400 members. It was archived the day after “Good Witch” season 4 episode 3 aired on The Hallmark Channel. When Heavy visited the group page on Friday, June 4, it was still archived and shut down. The group still had 26,400 members, so it appears that few people have left the group since it was shut down. The group had nine admins at the time it shut down.

The last posts shared on the group that are visible were mostly positive. One person wrote, “Wow! Season 7 seems like it’s going to be filled with all kinds of surprises!
So far, what surprise has been your favorite?”

The visible complaints in response were mostly about not seeing the Bell Book & Candle Shop anymore on the show. Others commented that they felt the season had been a bit boring so far.

The episode discussion, posted on May 30, had 200 visible comments at the time the page was shut down. Some people were glad about the new LGBTQ romance between Joy and Zoey and others weren’t. The main plot elements that happened that week on “Good Witch” included the new romance between Joy and Zoey, a potential new romance between Stephanie and a younger man, and the birth of a baby.

Some Members Are Moving to an Alternative ‘Good Witch’ Facebook Group

Another Facebook group, simply called Good Witch Fans, has been growing as new members are seeking out an alternative group after the larger group shut down. So far, it has 2,051 members. Some of the new members have commented that they joined after the other group shut down, and no one really knew why it was taken down.

Meanwhile, some fans are concerned the group was shut down because some viewers weren’t happy with Zoey and Joy’s new relationship. One fan said that some of the reactions shared in the group were very negative when they visited before the group was archived.

Rue wrote on Twitter: “I joined a FB #GoodWitch fanpage long ago ’cause I thought the reactions from older folks were adorable. Now with Joy’s storyline, some of these comments are so infuriating. I’m so glad Hallmark channel is taking a chance on Joy’s character with one of their most popular shows…”

They later shared on Twitter that they were vowing to continue to protect Joy and Zoey. They wrote: “UPDATE: Said FB group got archived :( Probably due to all the backlash from CERTAIN individuals. Welp, it was nice ranting on that platform while it lasted. We shall continue to protect Joy and Zoey <3 #GoodWitch #GoodEarpers”


The Hallmark Channel is standing by its new characters and the romance storyline, sharing that the story is going to be authentic and they believe viewers will resonate with the plot.

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