Hallmark Comments on Chances for a ‘Good Witch’ Movie After the Finale

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As “Good Witch” prepares to air its series finale, fans can’t help but wonder if this also means the end of the beloved “Good Witch” movies too. A representative of The Hallmark Channel spoke with Heavy about that question.

A Hallmark Representative Said They Are ‘In Discussions’

While The Hallmark Channel doesn’t currently have plans for filming a movie, the idea isn’t off the table.

A network representative told Heavy the following:

We have no immediate plans for another “Good Witch” movie. That said, Catherine Bell, James Denton, and Katherine Barrell, among others, are members of the Hallmark Channel family, and we are in discussions on future projects.

So it looks like all hope is not lost for the future of “Good Witch.” Although we won’t see anything right away, there’s still a chance that something might be produced in the future.

Catherine Bell & James Denton Shared Happy Memories in a Facebook Live Video

Before the finale aired, Catherine Bell and James Denton shared happy memories with fans in a Facebook Live video.

When asked about their favorite storyline with Sam and Cassie, Bell said that her favorite scenes involved when the couple hit some problems they had to face in their relationship, which was unusual for them but realistic.

Denton agreed. He said his two favorite storylines were when they had a conflict this season and in season 1.

“It was far and away the best storyline you and I had because it was very honest,” he shared.

When asked what they enjoyed acting in the most from the series, Denton said he liked the early days when Sam was getting used to Middleton.

“Being the sort of fish out of water from a big city,” he said. “…The idea that I came to a small town and just trying to fit in. The very beginning when I was opening my office… That sort of fitting into Middleton was always fun for me…”

Bell said she enjoyed the storylines about merging their families.

“Us merging together was a big one…” she said. “We started taking care of each other’s kids. … You’d give Grace driving lessons and I was helping Nick…”

They both complimented each other quite a bit too, sharing how their acting talents really made the job so much better. When asked what he admires the most about Sam and Cassie’s relationship, Denton said it was the mutual respect.

“The respect,” he said. “…Sam and Cassie, above all, they respect each other’s independence and positions… Even from the very beginning.”

Denton also revealed that fans would be surprised at how many scenes were filmed between 2 and 4 in the morning.

“There was a scene with us dancing on a rooftop in a tux and a formal and it was at 3 or 3:30 in the morning,” he recalled, joking that he looked like he was “90 years old” because it was so late. “…I was like, this is not the time to shoot a romantic scene… People would be shocked how many of those scenes were shot at 2, 3, 4 in the morning.”

Both Denton and Bell said they hope the positivity of Middleton outlasts the series.

“We’ll always have that positivity, seeing the best in people,” Bell shared.

“Middleton is a pretty great place…” Denton agreed. “Even big conflicts you resolve well and people are generally really nice to each other…”

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