‘Good Witch’ Season 7 Episode 6 Review: A Magic-Filled Episode

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The latest episode of Hallmark’s hit series “Good Witch” had a deeper focus on the Merriwicks’ magical powers, just like the episode from the week before. It was a refreshing change after the show had departed a bit from its magical focus in some previous episodes.

This is a “Good Witch” Season 7 Episode 6 review and recap, so there will be spoilers for the show below.

Old Wishes Were Granted & New Dreams Were Born

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When the episode begins, Joy, Abigail, and Cassie are visiting the “legendary wishing well.” They’re trying to follow the rune stones’ instructions by making new wishes. As the trailer for the episode had indicated, Abigail accidentally drops her ring down the well. The good news is that the episode didn’t focus entirely on her missing ring, which might not have been a very interesting plotline. Rather, they quickly retrieved her ring along with a bucket full of coins that they poured back into the well. Unbeknownst to the Merriwicks at the time, this little gesture would bring quite a few Middleton residents’ old wishes back to life.

The magic continues later when George gives up on fixing a radio, and then it magically starts working as soon as he walks out of the room. Someone is on the other end that Cassie recognizes. It’s Ellen. She’s an older resident of Middleton who doesn’t get out of her home much anymore, but she’s happy to have Cassie over for a visit.

Ellen fondly recalls an old friend of hers nicknamed “Jelly.” She tells Cassie: “She spent summers in Middleton with her grandmother. Every day was a new adventure. And we talked for hours.”

Ellen and Jelly had been close friends for years until Jelly mysteriously stopped visiting. But when Ellen invites Cassie to visit, she realizes that Cassie looks just like Jelly! It turns out that Jelly was Cassie’s mom. Ellen shares a letter with Cassie that her mom wrote after she was born. It seems that the magic of the radio has created a new friendship for Ellen and Cassie that’s going to last a long time, and perhaps heal some of the wounds Ellen still feels over losing her best friend.

But this isn’t the end of the magic. At the end of the episode, Cassie, Joy, and Abigail find a secret painting under the familiar Merriwick painting. The painting shows two Merriwick women wearing the amulet from Joy’s dream. So now it looks like they might have a chance at finding the amulet after all, since there’s a second one.

Where’s Joy’s Dad?

Overall I loved this episode, especially the focus on magic and the Merriwicks’ power. But if I could point out one thing that’s bothering me, it’s the absolute lack of mention about Joy’s father. Last week, they discovered her long-last dad and learned that his memory was wiped because Joy’s mom was convinced something awful would happen to him. I would expect Joy to still be talking about her father in this episode, and maybe for her dad to take off some time from work and stay near his long-lost daughter for a few weeks. The way they dropped the immense storyline about her dad doesn’t match the weightiness of the discovery.

The Church Finds a Home

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The concert plot was a lighthearted addition to the episode. It provided an event that wove all the characters’ storylines together. Logan, an old bandmate of Sam’s, became a rockstar sensation in the 90s. Things aren’t quite as exciting for him now, but he still tours and does concerts, including a special one that will raise funds for “Operation Save the Church.”

By the end of the episode, Sam is cleared to perform surgeries again and he confronts his fears by joining Logan in his concert. It’s a fun moment, especially when they show Sam and Cassie exchanging a smile while he plays. I love how the show focuses on the vibrancy of Sam and Cassie’s love, and how being married and committed to each other hasn’t diluted their passion in the least.

At the end of the concert, Ellen offers her land for the church, since they raised enough to move the church but not to buy the land they had in mind. It’s a really sweet gesture and a nice conclusion to the church storyline.

Adam’s Not Ready to Let Stephanie Go

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Adam asks Stephanie to donate funnel cakes for the concert. Stephanie decides to cancel her date with Shawn so she can bake funnel cakes with Adam. It seems like an odd move, since she could have just asked Shawn to change up his date to bake cakes with her too. Shawn and Stephanie’s relationship isn’t quite pulling me in yet. He didn’t put a lot of thought into their date last week, and although it went well anyway, the weird way he approached it bugs me still.

Stephanie and Adam’s friendship is also interesting (but not necessarily in a good way.) He’s far too interested in details about her dating life, and she’s very willing to tell him everything. I’m not sure if these two will end up together, but the bottom line for me is that I’m not a big fan of Stephanie with Shawn or Adam at this point.

Kyle Ritter later shows up at the Bistro because he’s working with Logan. He was Stephanie’s first kiss! Shawn also visits the Bistro at the same time, and they end up deciding that they’ll all bake funnel cakes together. To be honest, I’m kind of disappointed we didn’t get to see the awkward date between her and her three guys. I wonder if that scene was filmed and then later cut for time?

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At the concert, Stephanie gets a mysterious rose and it’s not from any of the three guys. It’s from Abigail! Stephanie takes this as a sign that she was focusing on men a little too much rather than on herself, and she needs to change her trajectory.

George Is Willing to Wait for Samantha

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George brings flowers to Samantha to ask her to a candlelit dinner. And their date is absolutely adorable. He ends the date by asking her to go steady, and it’s even cuter! But Samantha declines, saying she’s not interested in anything serious.

George later tells her that there’s no pressure, just because she said no, and he won’t go anywhere. Samantha tells him she doesn’t want him to have to wait on her, but George says it will be worth it.

Later at the concert, she brings him a rose and thanks him for the sweet sentiments. I’m really enjoying this couple. They’re a nice addition to the Middleton storyline.

Donovan Learns a Lesson from Abigail

Two episodes ago, we saw Abigail needing to learn lessons from Donovan and learn more about compromising. This week, the show reverses the script and allows Donovan to be the one who needs to learn from Abigail. It’s a really nice touch.

Donovan’s nervous about competing against Boyd Franklin and his wife during doubles tennis, since he wants Boyd’s endorsement for a governor campaign. But Abigail convinces him that they will just be “every other couple” if they don’t try their hardest. They ultimately end up winning both the match and Boyd’s endorsement.

Joy & Zoey Have a Sweet Date

Much of this episode focused on love. We saw Abigail and Donovan navigating a misunderstanding, Martha and Tom navigating a big change to their plans, Stephanie navigating interest from far too many men at once, and George navigating a temporary rejection from Samantha.

Joy and Zoey, meanwhile, sail through the episode free of conflict. They have a really cute first date. During their date, fans finally get the answer to a question that had been popping up on social media. Did Joy and Donna, her business partner, ever date? No, Joy says, Donna wasn’t her type.

The date goes really well and at the end of the night, they walk hand-in-hand while eating ice cream in the cold.

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