Hallmark Sets ‘Good Witch’ Season 7 Premiere Date

Catherine Bell stars on Hallmark's 'Good Witch'

Hallmark Catherine Bell stars on Hallmark's 'Good Witch'

Hallmark Channel announced on Thursday, February 11 that its popular series Good Witch will be returning for its upcoming seventh season this spring and revealed what will be happening when viewers reunite with the Middleton brethren.

“More than a decade after first meeting Cassie and the colorful characters of Middleton, viewers continue to be enchanted by their stories,” said Crown Media Family Networks executive vice president Michelle Vicary in a statement. “The new season has more magic, love, and adventure in store for viewers than ever before and we’re excited to share it with fans.”

Here’s what you need to know.

‘Good Witch’ Returns May 16

The Good Witch Tour – The Grey House Set Part OneCatherine and Kat have their first walk around Grey House together and check out the foyer, kitchen and breakfast area. hallmarkchannel.com/good-witch2020-04-24T21:16:57Z

Good Witch season seven will premiere on Sunday, May 16 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on the Hallmark Channel. The Good Witch series is based on the preceding film franchise of the same name; it is the most successful franchise in the network’s history.

Catherine Bell has played the titular “good witch,” Cassie Nightingale, since the franchise’s inception. Hallmark describes her as “a character that Hallmark Channel viewers have fallen in love with and look forward to welcoming into their homes.”

The series also stars James Denton as Dr. Sam Radford, Cassie’s husband and the town doctor. The characters married in season five. Bailee Madison previously starred as Cassie’s daughter Grace from her first marriage, but Madison departed the series after season five.

In an interview with Media Village, Bell said it was so hard to say goodbye to Grace. It was like saying goodbye to her real daughter.

“It was so hard to say goodbye to Bailee. We really tried to make it work to keep her, but she had other things she wanted to do and sometimes it’s just time to move on. We all adore her so much and I really still feel like she’s my daughter. When Grace went off to college I really felt like a proud mom. Bailee is only a couple of years older than my daughter, and they’re very similar people as both have huge hearts and are so sweet, so doing a scene with Bailee was like working with my daughter,” said Bell.

The series co-stars Sarah Power, Catherine Disher, Kylee Evans, Scott Cavalheiro, Katherine Barrell, and Marc Bendavid.

Season 7 Will Launch a New Mystery

The Good Witch Tour – The Bell, Book & Candle SetCatherine Disher and Kat Barrell check out the magical wares of Cassie’s Nightingale’s store. hallmarkchannel.com/good-witch2020-04-24T21:05:58Z

Picking up where season six left off, Good Witch season seven will start a new mystery involving the pouches of soil Cassie found at the end of the last season.

The description teases, “The velvet pouches of soil discovered by Cassie, Abigail, and Joy at the end of last season mark the start of a new Merriwick mystery for the cousins to unravel that leads them to reflecting on their pasts and how learning how certain life events have impacted who they are now. Alongside the usual Middleton fun viewers have come to love, new relationships, personal challenges, and romance are in store, making season seven one fans will never forget.”

Who left the bags for the Merriwick cousins? Viewers will have to tune in to find out.

The end of season six also saw Donovan propose to Abigail, so hopefully, fans can look forward to some wedding planning and maybe even the big day in season seven. And it remains to be seen what will happen with Adam and Stephanie after they broke up in last season’s finale.

Good Witch season seven premieres Sunday, May 16 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on the Hallmark Channel.

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