‘Good Witch’ Cast Reveals if Sunday’s Episode Was Written to be the Series Finale

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The series finale of Hallmark’s “Good Witch” airs on Sunday night. While many fans were heartbroken about the news, others were wondering if the episode will have a proper sendoff. Or, if the finale caught them by surprise, will it end on a cliffhanger like a regular season finale would? The cast of the series addressed that very question in a Facebook Live chat.

Two Endings Were Filmed, So the Finale Will Wrap Everything Up

In a Facebook Live discussion, James Denton (who plays Sam) and Catherine Bell (who plays Cassie) answered fan questions about the series and the ending of the show after 13 years. At the very end of their chat, they also addressed whether the series finale is going to wrap everything up or if fans will be left with questions.

You can watch the video below or at this link.

According to Bell and Denton, two different endings were filmed for the final episode. The cast and crew did not know that the series was going to be canceled, but they had an ending planned that wrapped everything up nicely without any cliffhangers. So fans aren’t going to be left hanging or with big questions like they might with a regular season finale.

Denton said: “It’s a fun finale. And oddly enough, viewers often wonder this, they planned for it. … So there … is a really sweet [unintelligible] montage-y thing.”

What he says next, around 16:30, is a little tough to understand. But he and Bell confirmed that two versions were filmed.

“We did two versions,” Bell said. “…We didn’t know we were not coming back, but there were two options. I guess they do that sometimes.”

Denton added that people frequently ask him if the finale was planned, and he wanted to address that question.

“Because people have asked me about that,” he said. “If it’s going to be one of those where it feels like there’s going to be another episode and there’s not.”

But, he assured fans, there will still be some really interesting plotlines happening even though they’re wrapping things up.

“There’s some interesting things happening,” he added.

“Definitely,” Bell agreed. “There’s definitely a nice wrap-up. They won’t be feeling like it was a cliffhanger or anything like that.”

The Finale Airs Sunday

The finale airs on Sunday night, July 25, at 9 p.m. Eastern/8 p.m. Central. When last week’s episode ended, the Merriwick women were still trying to figure out how to avoid the damaging effects of the red halo moon.

The description for the last episode reads:

In the series finale, the Merriwick cousins get ready to face the mysterious force putting their family legacy at risk while changes are in store for others in “The Wedding,” premiering Sunday, July 25, (9 p.m. ET/PT), on Hallmark Channel. Catherine Bell (“Army Wives,” “JAG”), James Denton (“Desperate Housewives,” “Devious Maids”), Sarah Power (“Killjoys”), Catherine Disher (“Abby Hatcher”), Kylee Evans (“The Strain”), Katherine Barrell (“Wynonna Earp”), Marc Bendavid (“Murdoch Mysteries”) and Scott Cavalheiro (“Carter”) star.

When the cancelation was announced, Randy Pope, SVP of programming and development, said in a statement:

‘Good Witch’ has enchanted viewers for over a decade with eight original movies, in addition to the seven-season series. We thank our leads whose chemistry and talent made ‘Good Witch’ such a beloved and uniquely special viewing experience: Catherine Bell, who has brought the inimitable Cassie Nightingale to life for 13 years, and James Denton, who as Dr. Sam Radford has added so much charm and humor to the series. We also extend our gratitude and thanks to the entire cast and crew for their dedication and hard work.

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