‘Growing Pains’ Stars Slam Candace Cameron Bure’s Brother

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Two Growing Pains stars are slamming Hallmark star Candace Cameron Bure’s brother, Kirk Cameron, for his Christmas caroling events that were held during COVID-19 restrictions.

Kirk Cameron Hosted Several Caroling Events in Southern California as Coronavirus Numbers Rose

Candace Cameron Bure’s brother, Kirk Cameron, hosted several Christmas caroling events in California while coronavirus numbers were skyrocketing in the region. The events were attended mostly by people who weren’t wearing masks and were standing close together.

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Earlier that week, NPR reported that some California hospitals were concerned they may have to start rationing care as cases grew. Most of California was under a stay-at-home order and ICU capacity was around 2% across the state. Brad Spellberg, the chief medical officer of LA County USC Medical Center, told NPR that some people had to wait hours because beds weren’t free and other facilities were entering “surge” mode, which meant treating patients in operating recovery rooms or other areas not meant to hold ICU patients.

Around that same time, the Los Angeles Times reported that hospitals were having to consider rationing care if things got worse. That would mean that some people with less of a chance of survival might not get the same level of care they would receive if more hospital resources were available.

Kirk Cameron’s second caroling event was in Thousand Oaks with about 75 to 100 people attending, ABC 7 reported. Most weren’t wearing masks or social distancing. Mall officials said it was a “non-sanctioned” event. The first caroling event, also in Thousand Oaks, prompted mayor Claudia Bill-de la Pena to comment: “Liberty and freedom are very fragile and they come with great responsibility. Continuing to hold large gatherings and ignoring all guidelines, I feel, is un-Christian.”

Cameron referred to his caroling events as peaceful protests and wrote on Instagram: “God Bless America! Joy over Fear.”

A representative for Cameron told People that community members organized the event and masks and distancing were encouraged.

Two ‘Growing Pains’ Stars Slammed Cameron for His Events

Two of Cameron’s Growing Pains co-stars slammed him for his caroling events. Jeremy Miller, who played Ben Seaver. He told Page Six: “While I will always love my brother Kirk, I could not disagree more with his holding these maskless events at a time when safety and concern for others is an extreme priority… I truly couldn’t be more disappointed in him.”

Tracey Gold, who played Carol Seaver on Growing Pains, had similar concerns.

She wrote on Twitter: “Checking in with my dear brother Mike. @KirkCameron As your more intelligent sister I want you to know that I disapprove. I’m worried about you brother AND your family. Wear a mask. Stay home. Sing later.”

Candace Cameron Bure Said She Didn’t Attend the Events

In a tweet, Candace Cameron Bure said she didn’t attend her brother’s caroling events, but she also didn’t approve of “vile” tweets about her family, and encouraged people to engage in respectful dialogue to help their opinions be better heard.

She wrote: “I did not attend any recent caroling events. Also, I choose to follow the greater guidelines by wearing a mask and social distance when I’m in public. However, I don’t appreciate the vile tweets about my family. I believe respectful dialogue is the key to being heard. Stay safe.” 

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