WATCH: Gwen Stefani’s New Music Video Features Hallmark Movie Clips

Gwen Stefani's new Hallmark music video

Facebook Gwen Stefani's new Hallmark music video

Gwen Stefani partnered with The Hallmark Channel this year to produce an exclusive song for their Countdown to Christmas season called Here This Christmas. Now Stefani has released a video for the song that includes clips from many of Hallmark’s 2020 Christmas movies.

Gwen Stefani’s Video Includes Clips from 2020 Hallmark Movies

Gwen Stefani’s new music video includes clips from a number of 2020 Hallmark movies that have been released this year. You can watch the new music video below, which starts at the end of Stefani’s live stream on Facebook with The Hallmark Channel. Her music video begins right around the 9:08 mark in the video below.

Hallmark’s Facebook video isn’t working for everyone, so an alternative video is below that also includes the music video in case the one above doesn’t work for you. The new music video also starts around 9:08 or so into the video below.

You can see a lot of Hallmark Christmas 2020 movie clips in the video. The first clip features Candace Cameron Bure in her new movie If I Only Had Christmas. Other clips in the music video include, but aren’t limited to, Never Kiss a Man in a Christmas Sweater, The Christmas Bow, The Christmas Doctor, Christmas Waltz (the scene that shows a man dancing on the street when it’s snowing), A Timeless Christmas, The Christmas House, and more.

The catchy song includes lyrics in the chorus that read: “Don’t need presents under the tree/Don’t need snow and caroling/I don’t need a lot of wishes/I just need you here this Christmas.”

Stefani Said Her Dream Was to Make a Christmas Album that Keeps Coming Back Year After Year

In her Facebook Live interview, Stefani said she made the album a few years ago. She said her dream was to make a record that keeps coming back, and Hallmark has helped her make that happen.

She said: “When Hallmark came to me with this song, it felt like it fit right into my record… That is my Christmas present! I don’t need to have anything else. To have new music on my…old Christmas record…it’s just the best gift I could get.”

Stefani explained that she didn’t write the lyrics for Here This Christmas, but Ryan Tedder (who wrote the song) is “such an incredible songwriter, that it’s a magical song. If you’re a songwriter, you’d understand that the writing is masterful.”

Stefani said she loves everything Hallmark and has so many great memories tied to the brand. She recalled when she was just out of high school and worked at a dollar mall and frequently visited the local Hallmark store.

“There’s so many memories for me,” she said about her love for Hallmark. “So just to be part of this whole project and be working with Hallmark again… I can’t believe I’m here! It’s Christmas and I get to be part of this!”

Stefani released Here This Christmas initially in October. It was written and produced by Ryan Tedder and Brent Kutzle, ET reported. The song’s release coincided with Stefani’s holiday album’s deluxe edition.

Michelle Vicary, Executive Vice President of Programming, told ET about the new song:

Music, an absolutely fundamental component of the entire holiday experience, is central to Countdown to Christmas, and we have always wanted our own holiday theme song. Having this opportunity to harness the incredible talents of Gwen Stefani and Ryan Tedder in the creation and recording of ‘Here This Christmas’ is a dream come true and I am confident the single will add a whole new dimension to our seasonal programming event and become an instant holiday hit.

Then in mid-November, she released an official music video for the song that gave a behind-the-scenes look at the process she went through to record the song through several studio sessions, Rolling Stone reported. You can watch that music video below.


Tedder appears in the above video with Stefani. The new song is also featured on the deluxe version of her 2017 album, You Make It Feel Like Christmas. Now Stefani has a second video released that includes clips from Hallmark movies.

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