Hallmark Quietly Brings Back Lori Loughlin

Lori Loughlin as Abigail on When Calls the Heart.

Crown Media Lori Loughlin as Abigail on When Calls the Heart.

In an interesting move, Hallmark has quietly brought Lori Loughlin back to its network in a limited fashion. After removing her mystery series and editing out her last episodes of “When Calls the Heart,” the Crown Media network has returned Loughlin to its streaming service.

Hallmark Quietly Added Lori Loughlin’s Mystery Series Back to Its Streaming Service

Loughlin’s “Garage Sale Mysteries” series has been quietly added to Hallmark’s paid streaming service.

On July 22, Hallmark Movies Now announced: “Stream the first three Garage Sale Mysteries now available on #HallmarkMoviesNow!” Crown Media didn’t make a public announcement to the press about it, but instead quietly added the series back to streaming only.

When Loughlin’s college admissions scandal first broke, Hallmark had removed her projects from all its networks and even re-edited some episodes of “When Calls the Heart” to remove her scenes.

But things may have changed. Alonso Duralde of The Wrap shared on Twitter that Loughlin’s “Garage Sale Mysteries’ series had returned, and commented on how interesting the move was.

He noted: “Interesting that the Hallmark cable channels made a very big to-do of disappearing all their Lori Loughlin content when the scandal went down, but now they’re subtly reintroducing the Garage Sale Mysteries to their Hallmark Movies Now streaming service with minimal fanfare.”

In a second tweet he added: “I wasn’t attached to any of her franchises (GSM, When Calls the Heart), and I didn’t think that her crime merited the removal of her content, I’m just fascinated how they’re testing the water for reinstating her shows/movies, whether or not they bring her back into the fold.”

In August, the streaming service promoted another installment in the franchise.

One fan replied to the news, writing: “im so glad hallmark is slowly showing lori on their services again, took them a while but im glad shes back in some capacity, please bring her back.”

There are many more movies in the franchise that Hallmark can still bring back. So far, it only has a handful on the streaming network.

Brian Bird Recently Said He Still Wants Loughlin Back on ‘When Calls the Heart’

In a recent interview with Navigating Hollywood, Bird said he tried to get Loughlin back on “When Calls the Heart” before returning her to the “When Hope Calls” spinoff.

Our first choice would have been to bring her [Loughlin] back to Hope Valley and to When Calls the Heart. We had those conversations with the network… In their judgment it just wasn’t the right time… But Lori had done her time… The spinoff show … is a derivative show… it’s a neighboring town, a day’s ride away… We said OK, well we believe it’s time to offer Lori her second chance here, and so we decided to bring her there to Brookfield… She has indicated she would love to continue on that show if we’re able to do it.

According to Bird, Loughlin would be interested in starring in more episodes of “When Hope Calls” or even “When Calls the Heart.”

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Mike Jones
Mike Jones
1 month ago

I am surprised that nowhere in the article do they mention the obvious. The CEO of Hallmark who banished Loughlin when she was arrested and removed all her content is gone. He was evidently forced to step down during some controversy on a commercial for a same-sex wedding. So with that creep gone, the new CEO is free to test the waters and potentially bring Loughlin back. And don’t think that Candy Cameron Bure’s departure doesn’t figure into this, too. The only way this was possible was that Loughlin admit her crime and serve her time. She did that. I’d welcome GSM back anytime.

Jo-Marie Visconti
Jo-Marie Visconti
1 month ago

She has paid for her crime – she should be given a second chance! Good for Hallmark!

Judy Acosta
Judy Acosta
1 month ago

Very disappointed in Hallmark, would this happen if Lori was a woman of color?

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