Hallmark Airs First Countdown to Christmas Promo: 5 New Films Revealed

Hallmark Christmas 2022

YouTube/Hallmark Hallmark Christmas 2022

Hallmark may have just kicked off its Christmas in July holiday, but the network is already hard at work on its Countdown to Christmas lineup. In fact, Hallmark has released its first official promo trailer for the season. In addition, at least five new movies have already been revealed. Some have been officially shared, and others have been identified through IMDb and other sources.

See Hallmark’s First Christmas Promo

First Look – Countdown to Christmas 2022 – Hallmark ChannelYour favorite holiday movie event returns to Hallmark Channel bigger and "sweater" than ever! Coming soon in October!2022-07-15T13:00:40Z

You can watch Hallmark’s first promo for its Countdown to Christmas movie lineup in the video above. The Christmas movies kick off in late October.

One of the movies in the lineup appears to have a knitting theme.

A Movie Starring Will Kemp Will Kick Off the Countdown to Christmas Season

Will Kemp and Reshma Shetty’s “Jolly Good Christmas” will kick off the 2022 Countdown to Christmas event, premiering on October 22, according to the Twitter account SleepyKittyPaw.

The movie was filmed in London and directed by Jonathan Wright. Ron Oliver wrote the script.

Variety reported that Kemp plays the role of David, an American who relocates to a London architecture firm. He hires Shetty (who plays the role of Anji) as a professional shopper to help him find a gift for his girlfriend.

You can learn more about the movie in Heavy’s story here.

Hallmark’s Already Shared a First-Look Promo for Its Rockettes-Themed Christmas Movie

Hallmark has also shared a first-look trailer of its Rockettes-themed Christmas movie, “A Holiday Spectacular.”

First Look – A Holiday Spectacular – Hallmark ChannelCatch a first look at the all-new Countdown to Christmas movie, "A Holiday Spectacular."2022-07-15T13:00:17Z

The movie is premiering in November and is called “A Holiday Spectacular,” Deadline reported. The movie will star Ann-Margret, Eve Plum, Derek Klena, Ginna Claire Mason, and feature the Rockettes. The movie was filmed in New York, including at Radio City Music Hall. It takes place in 1958.

Kristoffer Polaha Is Working on a Hallmark Christmas Movie

Polaha is also working on a new movie for Hallmark’s 2022 Christmas season, in which he’s starring opposite Marisol Nichols. Nichols posted about the movie on Instagram.

Polaha replied to Nichols’ Instagram post, writing, “We are walking the razor’s edge with this film, but you know what? We are both tightrope walkers and that edge feels like a sidewalk. In short, this movie is going to blow people away. #allnewhallmark #hallmark2.0”

According to the Twitter account SleepyKittyPaw, the movie is currently called “A Christmas Disconnect.”

A 5th ‘Time for You’ Movie Will Air

SleepyKittyPaw also shared that Hallmark will be premiering a fifth movie in the “Time for You” series of Christmas movies. This Blake Shelton-produced film does not yet have a name, but is being called “Time for Me to Come Home for Christmas” on the production schedule. However, that title is already taken, so the name will likely change.

Here Are More Movies in the Works for the 2022 Christmas Lineup

Jodie Sweetin is starring in two Christmas movies for 2022. One is “Remembering Christmas,” opposite Tim Rozon. It’s not known if this will air on Hallmark.

SleepyKittyPaw’s website notes that the movie is being directed by John L’Ecuyer. L’Ecuyer’s IMDb lists him as directing six episodes of “Murdoch Mysteries,” along with many other productions.

The other Sweetin movie is a sequel to “Christmas Under Wraps” called “A Cozy Christmas Inn.” The first movie starred Candace Cameron Bure, who recently signed a contract with GAC Media.

Daily Mail also confirmed the “Cozy Christmas Inn” movie, but did not note that it’s a sequel to Bure’s movie. However, IMDb refers to the movie as the sequel to “Christmas Under Wraps.”

SleepyKittyPaw also shared that director Paul Ziller is working on a movie called “Maple Valley Christmas,” which may or may not be for Hallmark. He’s directed numerous Hallmark movies, however. There are two other maple-themed movies in the works: “Christmas in Maple Hills” and “Sappy Holiday.” It’s not clear if any of these are airing on Hallmark’s network.

Trevor Donovan Is Working on a Christmas Movie

Meanwhile, Trevor Donovan has shared that he will be making a Christmas movie and already knows who is co-star will be. However, since he signed a contract recently with GAC Family, this movie will likely air on that network and not on Hallmark.

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