Hallmark Exec Hints at Return of ‘Good Witch’

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In a Crown Media panel for the Television Critics Association (TCA) on August 10, Hallmark made a lot of announcements about the network’s future plans. But perhaps the most interesting of all was the brief statement about “Good Witch” possibly returning in some form.

Hallmark Is Interested in Bringing ‘Good Witch’ Back in Some Form

Lisa Hamilton Daly, EVP of programming for Hallmark Media, shared a tantalizing hint about “Good Witch” returning, Variety reported.

“As far as ‘Good Witch,’ which I think we’re always interested in thinking about what we can do with our most popular IP,” Daly said. “I can’t announce anything specific about that.”

So while it appears there aren’t specific plans in place, Hallmark is definitely not done with the “Good Witch” franchise, as some fans had feared. The franchise still has a future on the network.

Hallmark viewers were happy to hear the positive words about “Good Witch.”

(Note: A quote above was originally misattributed in an early edition of Variety’s article. Heavy has confirmed the quote with Hallmark Media, and the updated attribution.)

Hallmark Announced the Series Cancelation in 2021

In early July. 2021, Hallmark surprised fans by announcing the show’s cancelation while it was airing.

In a press release shared with Heavy, Hallmark thanked the cast for the last seven seasons and eight movies.

Randy Pope, SVP of programming and development, said in a statement:

‘Good Witch’ has enchanted viewers for over a decade with eight original movies, in addition to the seven-season series. We thank our leads whose chemistry and talent made ‘Good Witch’ such a beloved and uniquely special viewing experience: Catherine Bell, who has brought the inimitable Cassie Nightingale to life for 13 years, and James Denton, who as Dr. Sam Radford has added so much charm and humor to the series. We also extend our gratitude and thanks to the entire cast and crew for their dedication and hard work.

The show has had slightly declining ratings this season as compared to season 6, but Hallmark didn’t give a reason for the cancelation at the time.

In September 2021, Heavy reached out to Hallmark and got confirmation that the network might not be done with “Good Witch.”

At the time, a network representative told Heavy the following:

We have no immediate plans for another “Good Witch” movie. That said, Catherine Bell, James Denton, and Katherine Barrell, among others, are members of the Hallmark Channel family, and we are in discussions on future projects.

Now it seems like perhaps the discussions are a little more tangible than they were a year ago, based on what was shared at the TCA panel.

Around the same time, NextTV asked Bill Abbott, CEO of GAC Media, if GAC might acquire “Good Witch.”

He said: “That was certainly a great series and James Denton and Catherine Bell were terrific in it. We would certainly love to entertain that, but we’re not at that point yet. If there’s any good content that’s family friendly, we are open for business for sure.”

Abbott noted that he also wasn’t certain who currently owns the rights to “Good Witch.”

It now appears, based on the TCA panel, that Hallmark still has the rights to the “Good Witch” IP and plans to use it again in the future.

During the TCA panel, Crown Media also announced that it was changing its name to Hallmark Media, Deadline reported.

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Elizabeth C
Elizabeth C
1 month ago

The last 2 seasons were pretty bad, nothing “woke” about it – what does that even mean? Just bad writing and storyline. If it comes back, hope it will be writers from earlier seasons and they have a good storyline with some reasonable progression. Nothing on the last season made sense, and no way would Abigail and Donovan break up after all that happened.

Katherine Mendeluk
Katherine Mendeluk
1 month ago

Good Witch was great before they changed everything. The last season was the worst. They are really trying to be too “woke” and lost so many original viewers.

Lori Allison
Lori Allison
1 month ago

i have watched the good witch every time it has been on i would love to see more of the couple maybe be come grandparents so please bring them back

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