Hallmark Fans Are Missing Network’s Printable Christmas Movie Checklist

Where is the printable Countdown to Christmas list?

Crown Media Where is the printable Countdown to Christmas list?

Every year, Hallmark viewers often enjoy using printable Christmas movie checklists to keep track of which movies are about to air and what times. But this year, a printable schedule hasn’t been released yet and many fans are wondering what happened.

Hallmark Hasn’t Released a Printable Christmas List Yet

In a public Hallmark Facebook discussion group, when fans asked what happened to the printable app, viewers pointed out that it probably hadn’t been released because Hallmark hasn’t announced its complete schedule of Christmas movies yet.

Lifetime, meanwhile, has already posted its printable movie checklist via a PDF that you can either download or print. The PDF Christmas list from Lifetime is here.

Hallmark would normally have a printable list out by this time like they did in 2020. But a list isn’t yet available. The Twitter account SleepyKittyPaw noted: “Hallmark, whose Christmas movies start 3 weeks sooner than Lifetime’s this year, would normally have similar printable lists (see 2020’s below), but since they haven’t released their full schedule, nothing yet, though they are heavily promoting their Hallmark Movie Checklist app.”

Back in 2018, Hallmark had released its printable guide by September 20.

When Hallmark’s official Facebook page announced its app, fans commented and asked about the printable list too.


One person asked, “Has anyone seen a printable schedule yet?” Another person replied, “I’m looking for one too. They had one last year.”

Hallmark Is Promoting Its Checklist App This Year

A good alternative to the printable movie checklist is Hallmark’s checklist mobile app. The app continually updates its list as new movies are announced and can even alert you before a new movie airs so you don’t forget to watch or record it.

Hallmark has been heavily promoting its checklist app. You can find the app’s main webpage here.

When someone on Facebook asked for a full list of movies, Hallmark’s official Facebook page directed them to the app.


Hallmark wrote: “While we do not currently have a list of movies to share, as soon as we have more info, we’ll post it to our FB page. In the meantime, the best way to learn more about our all new Christmas movies is to download the checklist app here: https://www.hallmarkchannel.com/hallmark-movie-checklist-app.”

Hallmark gave the same answer a day before this article was published when a viewer asked when a daily schedule would be released.

You can find links to download the app on iOS or Google Play on Hallmark’s official webpage for the app. The app provides an official viewing guide for Hallmark’s new movies.

You can use the app to view the movies that are airing each night, play in sweepstakes events for Hallmark or enter giveaways, vote for your favorite movies, see a list of upcoming new movies, get calendars, and wallpapers, and more. You can also choose specific movies on The Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries that you want to be reminded about so you can make sure you don’t miss them.

The app also provides widgets you can use for your phone, including a widget that shows which movies are coming up and a countdown to when the Christmas movies begin.

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Mallory Lindsay
Mallory Lindsay
1 month ago

the app is fine and dandy except for the fact that it’s only available if you’re in the US, Canadians get to watch all the movies too, primarily on W network but a few others as well and we can’t download it, says it’s not available in my region

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