Hallmark Quietly Removes Premiere Date From Countdown to Christmas Promo

Hallmark Channel

The Hallmark Channel recently aired its first “Countdown to Christmas” promo, which had a fun Halloween theme. But the original promo, which was also posted to YouTube, was later removed from Hallmark’s YouTube channel. When it was put back on the channel later, all mentions of the October 22 premiere date had been removed from the video itself. However, Hallmark is still advertising the premiere date in other places.

Here’s what happened:

The Premiere Date Was Removed From the Voiceover & the Ending Graphic on the Video

You can see the current Hallmark promo for Countdown to Christmas 2021 in the YouTube video below.

Preview – Countdown to Christmas – Starts October 22This Halloween, celebrate with Hallmark Channel and the Countdown to Christmas movie event! Subscribe to our channel for previews, sneak peeks, and more every week: youtube.com/c/HallmarkChannelUSA?sub_confirmation=12021-09-15T20:17:28Z

Now compare this to the original video, which was shared on Twitter by a Hallmark fan who recorded it when it aired on TV on Saturday night during “Roadhouse Romance.”

When Heavy first reported on the promotional video and shared a transcript of the voiceover, it read: “At Hallmark, we celebrate Halloween a little differently. The movies of Countdown to Christmas start October 22. Only on Hallmark.”

The new video’s voiceover has the premiere date removed and now simply says: “At Hallmark, we celebrate Halloween a little differently. The movies of Countdown to Christmas. Only on Hallmark.”

In addition, the new video removed the graphic that stated the movies were starting on October 22. Here’s how the original graphic looked:

Countdown to Christmas promo

TwitterStill image from the original Countdown to Christmas promo.

The new version’s scene with the sleigh is shown in the screenshot below. The date’s been taken off the YouTube video.

Hallmark Still image from the updated Countdown to Christmas promo.

Hallmark Is Still Advertising October 22 as the Premiere Date in Other Places

It’s worth noting, however, that the title on the new YouTube video still states that Countdown to Christmas is starting on October 22, as you can see at the very bottom of the YouTube screenshot below.


So even though the date has been removed from the video itself (in both the voiceover and the graphic), the video’s headline still says that October 22 is the premiere date. Interestingly, the TV version of the ad that aired the weekend after this change was made still showed the October 22 date.

The Twitter account SleepyKittyPaw also noted that Hallmark’s app still lists October 22 as the day that Christmas movies are premiering:

Hallmark has been advertising October 22 as the start date for Countdown to Christmas since July, @SleepyKittyPaw noted, so it seems unlikely the premiere date would be changed.

Heavy has reported on quite a few Hallmark Christmas movies releasing for 2021. They include a castle-themed movie starring Lacey Chabert, a “Christmas Contest” movie starring Candace Cameron Bure, a new Christmas movie with Trevor Donovan, a new Christmas movie starring Tyler Hynes, a movie starring Luke Macfarlane, a movie called “Next Stop Christmas” starring Christopher Lloyd, a movie featuring the musical group Train, a new Christmas movie starring Ryan Paevey called “Coyote Creek Christmas,” a movie starring Danica McKellar, a new movie starring Tamera Mowry, a sequel to “The Nine Lives of Christmas,” a movie starring Erin Cahill, a movie starring Jordin Sparks and Michael Xavier, and more.

Bruce Campbell is also filming a Hallmark Christmas movie starring Eloise Mumford and Peter Gallagher. In addition, Niall Matter just wrapped a new Christmas movie with co-star Lauren Vandervoort.

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