This Hallmark Star Thinks Americans Can Be ‘Hypocritical’ Over POTUS Hate

Getty President Donald Trump speaks during his campaign event at the Ocala International Airport on October 16, 2020 in Ocala, Florida. President Trump

A Hallmark star has spoken out about why he thinks Americans are hypocritical when they express hate for President Donald Trump.

Dean Cain Said ‘There’s No Compassion’ Among People Who Hate Trump

Dean Cain speaks out in an upcoming documentary called Trump vs. Hollywood. He’s not the only actor featured in the film. You can also see Scott Baio, Isaiah Washington, Kristy Swanson, and others in the movie. The movie was created by Daphne Barak, a Trump delegate at the 2016 and 2020 Republican National Convention, Yahoo reported.

Cain speaks out in a trailer for the documentary saying: “There’s no compassion. They’re so hypocritical, it’s unreal. They just don’t like the man,” Yahoo reported.

You can see Cain’s clip in one of the trailers at about 1:38 in the trailer below.

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“If you just can’t be friends with somebody because their political opinion is different than yours, you’re a bigot.”

The documentary doesn’t release until December 14, when it will be available on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon.

Cain hasn’t been shy about sharing his conservative views. In October, he appeared on The Federalist Rdio Hour and discussed playing the role of Peter Strzok in the movie Obamagate. He said the role wasn’t made up; they were just repeating words that had been said, The Federalist reported.

“They have contempt for those below them, which is pretty much everybody else in America,” Cain said. “…It’s a nice little insight into what sort of happens in government and how things get swept under the table, which would really appall the regular folks out there.”

Cain Frequently Appeared in Hallmark Movies for Many Years

Crown MediaDean Cain in a 2018 Hallmark movie.

Cain was pretty popular on Hallmark for a number of years, but he hasn’t appeared in a movie in recent years. His last Hallmark movie was Winter’s Dream, which aired in 2018. The synopsis for the movie reads: “Widowed father Ty and his daughter Anna come from New York to train with ski champion (and Kat’s former teammate) Maddy, and quickly connect with Kat when Maddy’s coaching style proves to be too aggressive for Anna.”

His other Hallmark movies included A Wish Come True, about a girl getting everything she wished for only to realize it wasn’t what she needed, and The Runaway, which was a coveted Hallmark Hall of Fame movie that also starred Maya Angelou. He also starred in Hallmark’s Broadcasting Christmas, Gentle Ben II Black Gold, The Dog Who Saved Christmas, 9  Days to Christmas, Three Gifts, Operation Cupcake, The Case for Christmas, and he’s hosted The Kitten Bowl in previous years.

Cain also appeared as Dr. Jeremiah Danvers on Supergirl from 2015-2017 in six episodes. He is perhaps best known for his role as Superman on Lois & Clark.

In recent years, Cain has starred in movies and TV series like Dispatched, The Platform, Skydog, Agent Toby Barks, The Seven, The Zombie Club, Madness in the Method, and A Promise to Astrid. Some of his more recent projects have been faith-based productions.

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