Hallmark Star Shares Experience After Testing Positive for Coronavirus

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Although most Hallmark stars have been able to avoid contracting COVID-19 or testing positive for the novel coronavirus, one star wasn’t so lucky. Aaron Tveit contracted coronavirus in March, before filming One Royal Holiday. At the time, the virus was newly spreading in the United States and there was still a lot to learn.

Aaron Tveit Contracted Coronavirus in March in New York When the Virus Was Just Beginning to Spread

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So far, very few Hallmark actors have announced testing positive for coronavirus. Production efforts are very cautious while filming, requiring actors to quarantine before coming onto the set and to wear masks while filming. But Tveit contracted the virus early on, during the major outbreak in New York in March.

He shared the news in an Instagram post that he wrote on March 23. He wrote:

Hey everyone. I just wanted to update you all that I’ve found out that I’ve tested positive for Covid-19. I’ve been in quarantine since Broadway shows shut down on Thursday, March 12th, and I’m feeling much better.

I consider myself extremely lucky that my symptoms have been very mild – cold like with no fever – as so many are experiencing much more serious symptoms, because this is a very dangerous virus.

One thing I have been experiencing is the loss of taste and smell, which I think is a big sign for people who are otherwise asymptotic.

I was tested last Monday, and just found out the results, however, I have been taking this situation extremely seriously, even before I was tested.

I want everyone to realize that this can affect anyone. And even if you aren’t feeling sick or showing drastic symptoms – please take heed, stay safe, stay healthy and I hope to see everyone at the theater again soon.

And I wanted to post this with a picture of Miles because, they’re loving all this extra time at home with their Humans!

Tveit shared that he had a mild case and didn’t even have a fever, but did lose his sense of taste and smell.

Tveit told Variety that when he first got sick, he felt like he was just coming down with allergies since he only had a stuffy nose. His symptoms started at the beginning of the week of March 12. Moulin Rouge! The Musical, which he was a part of, had been taking a lot of precautions. But by Thursday, they learned someone involved with the production had tested positive, so they shut down the matinee. An hour later, New York canceled all Broadway productions.

He said he decided to self-isolate himself, just to be on the safe side. He went to an ENT that Saturday where he was given electrolytes and an IV drip, but doctors weren’t concerned.

“On Sunday, we found out not just one person had it, but two people in the cast tested positive,” he told Variety. “And then our producers went into immediate action. They availed anyone who was in direct or indirect contact with them to be able to be tested.”

By then he had the symptoms of a cold and a slight cough and he felt fatigued. He said he never had a fever or shortness of breath, but he did lose his sense of taste and smell. A Broadway doctor tested him and he was positive. He said it took him a week to get his results, and his symptoms were almost gone by that point.

He told Variety: “All of a sudden one day, I realized I couldn’t taste my food. It was so drastic… And the other thing, the week that I was feeling the worst I felt, to me it felt like I had chlorine up my nose. For five or six days, I felt like I had pool water up my nose.”

About 21 days after coming down with symptoms, he said he had his sense of taste and smell back and had a lot of energy. He said he was about 95% better at that point, but still isolating to be cautious.

He Starred in Hallmark’s ‘One Royal Holiday’

Tveit played the lead on Hallmark’s One Royal Holiday. He was long past having coronavirus by the time filming began. The movie was filmed in Connecticut in June and July. Cast and crew quarantined a week before filming. Every day, cast members had their temperatures taken and they had to take COVID tests multiple times each week.

Andrew Gernhard, the producer, told Courant: “It was very safe to shoot up there. We were in our own little bubble. We stayed at the inns and shot in the inns. It was a tight location with a small crew.”

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