Is This Hallmark Star One of the Disguised Singers on The Masked Singer?


Some fans believe that one of the disguised singers on The Masked Singer might be a Hallmark star. Could it be possible? They say some of the clues point to a certain actress who is very popular on The Hallmark Channel.

This article has potential spoilers for The Masked Singer if the clues are guessed correctly. 

Some Fans Think Jodie Sweetin May Be on ‘The Masked Singer’

The Masked Singer Season 4 Meet Squiggly MonsterFor more check out mjsbigblog.com2020-09-14T04:07:37Z

Based on clues released in the sneak peek episode of The Masked Singer, some fans are already betting that Jodie Sweetin is under the Squiggly Monster mask for Season 4 of the hit show, Express reported.

Squiggly Monster’s introduction included:

  • “I’m ready to lash out at the competition. I hair you to stop me.”
  • “With all these eyes, 2020 has got to be my year.”
  • “The fun part about being the Squiggly Monster is it’s got a soft side and an edgy side – that means I get to be lovable while also being a wild child.”
  • Squiggly Monster had a dog clue too, where they were seen throwing a birthday party for a dog. “Like this guy! I bet you are crazy to party with, Dog,” they said.

And Squiggly Monster’s official first clue was:

  • “It’s very fitting that I have so many appendages. After all, I’m known for having a lot of hands to latch on to.”

Here’s a promo with Squiggly Monster.

Redditor TheCloudsLookLikeYou posted a thread on The Masked Singer subreddit talking about the clues in-depth and why they think the clues point to Sweetin.

They said that the clue about being a loveable wild child might point to Sweetin’s “wild” past, including a history of substance abuse struggles. In 2009, Sweetin published a memoir called Unsweetined and told Today that her struggle with drugs and alcohol began at the age of 14 right after Full House ended. She said that between 2006 and 2007, she spent about $60,000 on drugs. In 2016, she shared that she’s now open about her story and grateful for her life, Redbook reported. Good Housekeeping reported that she helped John Stamos recover from substance abuse too, even organizing 12-step meetings at his home once he was ready.

The Clue About the Dog’s Birthday Party Might Relate to a ‘Full House’ Episode

As for the dog’s birthday party clue, the Redditor also noted that Stephanie threw a birthday party for her dog, Comet, on Full House. Here’s a clip from that episode.

Full House Funny Clip – Comet blows out his birthday candlesStephanie throws Comet a surprise birthday party with all of his doggy friends. He surprises Danny by blowing out his birthday candles.2011-02-22T04:43:54Z

Another Clue Might Be Related to the ‘Full House’ Theme Song

The clue about the appendages might be related to the lyrics for Full House.

Squiggly Monster said: “It’s very fitting I have all these appendages. After all, I’m known for having a lot of hands to latch on too.” Meanwhile, Full House‘s lyrics include: “hand to hold onto.”

Full House – Intro [HQ]1987 (192 Episoden in 8 Staffeln) Bob Saget – Daniel „Danny" Ernest Tanner John Stamos – Hermes „Jesse" Katsopolis Dave Coulier – Joseph „Joey" Alvin Gladstone Candace Cameron Bure – Donna Jo „D.J." Margaret Tanner Jodie Sweetin – Stephanie „Steph" Judith Tanner Mary-Kate und Ashley Olsen – Michelle Elizabeth Tanner Lori Loughlin – Rebecca „Becky"…2012-04-08T19:27:12Z

Specifically, the lyrics read: “Everywhere you look, Everywhere you go, (There’s a heart), There’s a heart, A hand to hold onto…”

On Reddit, another fan (Redditor Beerizzy90) thought it was a Full House star, but they guessed Andrea Barber because of her dog.

Sweetin has been featured in numerous Hallmark movies, including Entertaining Christmas, Merry & Bright, Love Under the Rainbow, Finding Santa, 12 Days Til Christmas, and Reindeer Games.

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