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Hallmark star Lori Loughlin was just released from prison after serving two months. She checked into prison more than two weeks early in October, and now is getting out in time to celebrate New Year’s with her family.

Lori Loughlin Was Just Released from Prison

Loughlin was just released from prison in Dublin, California, on Monday, December 28, after spending Thanksgiving and Christmas behind bars. Once a lead on Hallmark’s hit series When Calls the Heart, she had to leave the show after her indictment in the Operation Varsity Blues scandal.

She was scheduled to report to prison on November 19, but ended up starting her sentence early on October 30, WHDH reported. She served time at the medium-security prison FCI Victorville, which was closest to her home. She requested to serve her time at that facility. She was assigned the Bureau of Prisons number 77827-112, Deadline reported.

Her sentence also includes two years of supervised release, 100 hours of community service, and a $150,000 fine, Deadline reported.

In May, she and her husband Mossimo Giannulli admitted that they paid $500,000 to have their daughters admitted as crew recruits to the University of Southern California. Neither daughter was a rower. The couple had said they were innocent at first, but then reversed and pleaded guilty, WDHD reported.

There are 60 other parents and coaches who were charged, and those who pleaded guilty served anywhere from a few weeks to nine months, WDHD reported. Some are still denying allegations and fighting charges in court.

Loughlin’s release will allow her to still spend some of the Christmas season with her family. Deadline reported that she had started her sentence early so she could be out in time for part of the holiday season.

Some People Wondered on Twitter Why We Didn’t See Any Photos of Loughlin in Prison

There haven’t been any photos of Loughlin serving her time in prison, unlike photos of Felicity Huffman that were released. Some people on Twitter have wondered why that’s the case and asked about it after Loughlin was released from prison.

Huffman was another major celebrity indicted in the college admissions scandal. While Huffman quickly pleaded guilty, Loughlin fought the charges for a while before also pleading guilty, CNN reported. The scheme was allegedly run by Rick Singer, who was accused of facilitating different admissions fraud techniques. Huffman had looked into getting her daughter extra time on the SAT test and paid for a proctor to boost the scores. Loughlin and her husband were accused of paying bribes to have their daughters designated as crew recruits when they weren’t involved in rowing at all.

Huffman paid $15,000 while Loughlin and her husband confessed to paying $500,000. In exchange for Huffman’s plea, she got a lower sentence. Huffman had been sentenced to two weeks and ended up only serving 11 days and was released early because of a bureau policy letting inmates leave early if their release date falls on certain days, CNN reported.

Huffman’s sentence also included one year of supervised release and 250 hours of community service.

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