Hallmark Star on Danica McKellar’s Pandemic Advice: ‘Thank You. I Love You’

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Hallmark star and Dancing with the Stars alum Jonathan Bennett recently shared a video on Instagram thanking Danica McKellar for her timely advice on dealing with pandemic stress. McKellar had spoken about the uncertainty that’s so prevalent these days and how to deal with it. The two actors are close friends.

Jonathan Bennett Thanked McKellar for Her Timely Advice


In his Instagram Story, Bennett shared the following words of thanks to McKellar, which McKellar later shared on her own Instagram Story.

So I watched my friend Danica McKellar’s Instagram Story live tonight. She does her Danica McKellar motivational Mondays or Tuesdays or Wednesdays. She just talks very motivational; it’s very great. … She talked about the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success and about uncertainty … And my takeaway from watching her is that when you’re feeling like you’re uncertain…that doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be bad. Feeling of uncertainty about what’s about to happen doesn’t mean that it’s bad. You’re choosing for it to be bad, which is one of my favorite things from the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success…which I love that book. So Danica, thank you for reminding us of this. I love you.


McKellar and Bennett are longtime close friends.

In January, Bennett shared a tribute on Instagram to McKellar, writing: “I love this woman. We met on a movie set, she made me a better actor. When my dad got sick, she made his last trip to LA better and took him as her date to DWTS. When he was really sick, she sent him fresh baked goods to make his appetite better. When I got voted of DWTS, she took me to lunch the next day to make my spirits better. When I got voted off Celebrity Big Brother, she was the first person to come over to help me laugh at it better. When I got engaged, she was the first person we saw, to celebrate better. If there’s one thing for certain it’s the fact that having @danicamckellar in your life makes it better. I hope you have the happiest birthday, and thank you for making everyone around you better.

The Advice About Uncertainty Was Part of McKellar’s Motivation Series


McKellar shared more about her thoughts on the topic in her own Instagram Story:

I just did a McKellar Motivation on uncertainty… And really, there’s so much uncertainty in the world right now. I wanted to remind us all…sometimes uncertainty is actually good. You should want that.

Her message was a follow-up to a video series she shares weekly called McKellar Motivation, which you can watch below.

In her video, while talking to fans, she said:

We all live very complicated lives now, because of all the technology and … all the stuff we’re keeping track of. … I’d like to think that’s part of the reason why there’s so many more of us that feel the need to be in control of everything all the time… But I will say that control is an illusion. One thing that’s always helped me is the idea that the only constant is change. I love that quote… This idea of going the other way. Not just saying that we’ll be OK if we’re not in control, we’ll be OK if there’s a lot of uncertainty, but going even further and saying ‘No, no, it’s actually good.’ We actually want uncertainty. … How can we run headfirst into that in a good way?

She shared advice from the book The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra, and said:

There’s an expression, ‘Let go and let God.’ If you have a god in your life, that can work. I love the expression regardless. … Ride the wave of uncertainty. Let it be a ride. Let … life surprise us in good ways and give us things we couldn’t have had if we had been stuck and rigidly attached to what we thought was going to be happening in our lives… When you find that you’re feeling uncertain about something, that means you’re in a good place…

She advised that diving into uncertainty is good, because being rigidly attached to an expected outcome can prevent you from seeing other opportunities. But, she admitted, she still struggles with this herself.

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