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Two Hallmark actors just got engaged, and their fans and friends couldn’t be happier for them. Victor Webster announced on his Instagram that he got engaged to the love of his life, Shantel VanSanten. The two met when they both starred as the leads in the Hallmark movie, Love Blossoms.

Webster Said Her Legs Buckled at First & She Kept Asking If This Was Real

The two Hallmark actors had the most amazing moment together when Webster proposed to VanSanten. Webster said that VanSanten was crying and shaking and kept asking him if this was real. Once she realized he wasn’t joking, she quickly said yes.

Webster wrote on Instagram: “Well she didn’t say yes…at first, first her legs buckled and she had to sit down, then she started crying and shaking and asking if this was real, then she started kissing me a whole bunch, then crying some more, then asking if it’s real and if I’m playing a practical joke, then… I had to ask if that was a yes and THEN finally she said yes. Been an amazing journey so far, only gonna get better. Now you’re stuck with me. Love you ❤️”

VanSanten shared the same photo on her Instagram and wrote a long love letter to Webster:

YESTERDAY WAS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!! We hiked 2000ft to the top of the mountain where @iamvictorwebster told me he loved me for the first time years ago! What happened next still has me in shock… He told me he wanted to spend forever with me, as he got down on one knee and asked if I would marry him!! I didnt say anything for awhile, not out of suspense although it would have been a good prank, but because my legs stopped working, I had to sit down and I couldn’t stop crying and kissing him…. I forgot to say anything at all… BUT OBVIOUSLY I SAID YES!!! I cant wait to spend FOR-EV-ER with my best friend!!!! I F***ING LOVE YOU @iamvictorwebster

The two exchanged cute notes to each other in the replies on her post.


VanSanten also shared a couple of cute Instagram Story posts about their engagement.

In one, she shared a freeze frame from their engagement video and said that the video itself was coming soon.


She said she had to show their dog Nova the ring after she said yes. You can see her showing off her ring to their dog in the photo above.

She also shared a congratulations photo and joked that it looked like an album drop.


Fellow Hallmark Stars Joined to Congratulated the Two

Fellow Hallmark stars were quick to share their congratulations. Danica McKellar commented with five hearts in a row.


Michael Eklund wrote: “The body said yes…the lips just had to catch up. Congratulations you two crazy lovebirds. I’m happy to have you both in my life…now together forever! ❤️”

Will Kemp also wrote his excitement in emojis:


Candace Cameron Bure wrote: “Ahhhhhh!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!🍾🎉”

Fans also couldn’t help but share their excitement. One fan wrote: “Omg I’m crying I’ve literally been waiting for this announcement since your movie love blossoms 😭😭😭😍😍😍😍”

Another fan wrote: “maybe they’ll make another movie together.”

They Just Celebrated Four Years Together Less than a Week Before Their Engagement

The two had just celebrated their four-year anniversary of being together less than a week before they got engaged.

Webster wrote at the time: “Happy 4 years of being stuck with me @therealshantel Seems like a lifetime, a wonderfully adventure filled lifetime already. Through thick and thin, ups and downs and everything the world has tried to throw at us, you’ve still managed to put up with me. Love you babe, happy anniversary. ❤️”

They first met when they starred as the leads on Hallmark’s Love Blossoms.

Shantel VanSanten and Victor Webster in Love Blossoms trailerThey have oozed romantic chemistry together on the Hallmark Channel. And the same was true in real life as Shantel VanSanten, 32, and Victor Webster, 45, enjoyed a swimsuit-clad day out during their Cancun vacation. The sizzling duo were glimpsed kissing passionately on the beach, with a breathtaking view of the Caribbean Sea behind them.…2018-06-21T13:27:39Z

In an interview with Media Village in 2018, Webster said about meeting VanSanten on set:

My life, literally, is kind of like a Hallmark movie. I met Shantel in Belgium doing Love Blossoms and we’ve been together for about two years now.  So, Hallmark really does make lasting memories, at least for me!  I realize life isn’t always like a Hallmark movie and we both know that, but we really try to keep things as simple as we can amidst all the chaos.

You can read more about how they first met in Heavy’s story here.

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