Hallmark Stars Will Reunite for Third ‘Curious Caterer’ Mystery

"Curious Caterer"

Hallmark "Curious Caterer"

Hallmark mystery fans can celebrate, because Andrew Walker and Nikki DeLoach will be reunited soon for a new “Curious Caterer” mystery movie. Walker confirmed the news in an Instagram post.

The Movie Will Be Filming in April

The new “Curious Caterer” movie is filming from April 10-28, according to Creative BC. The movie will be called “Curious  Caterer: Last Suppers.”

Ben Silverman is listed as the executive producer, with Paul Ziller as the director, and Simon Richardson and Garrett Vandusen as the producers. Ziller also directed “Grilling Season,” the second installment in the franchise.

Andrew Walker confirmed the news in a series of Instagram Reels announcing the third movie. He did not provide any additional details.

Andrew Walker's Instagram

InstagramAndrew Walker’s Instagram

This would be the third movie in the franchise. Walker got a lot of attention from fans when he first dropped a hint about the franchise before it was officially announced. As Heavy reported then, the franchise is based on a series of books called “A Culinary Mystery” (or alternatively, the “Goldy Culinary Mysteries”) by Diane Mott Davidson. DeLoach and Walker had been talking on social media since 2020 about doing a series together, and it finally came to fruition.

According to Amazon, “The Last Suppers” is the fourth book in the Goldy Culinary Mystery series. It was originally published in 1995.

(SPOILER WARNING BELOW if you don’t want to know the book’s basic plot.)

According to Amazon, the book is about a pastor getting shot and killed just before Goldy’s wedding. Her fiance Tom found his body and then disappeared, leaving a lot of unanswered questions.

It’s not clear, though, how closely the movie will follow the book, since there have already been big deviations. Goldy and Tom are nowhere near getting married in the movies. And as one blogger, Mark Baker, shared when writing about the second movie, even Goldy’s relationship with her ex-husband is friendlier and less toxic than it was in the book series.

John Christian Plummer, who wrote previous “Curious Caterer” script, didn’t write this one, he told Swing My Heart podcast. But he would like to write a fourth movie if one gets made.

Interest in the “Curious Caterer” Franchise is Growing

Interest in the “Curious Caterer” franchise has been growing. The Twitter account @sleepykittypaw, citing numbers from Showbuzz Daily, revealed that the second “Curious Caterer” movie, “Grilling Season,” had 1.1.83 million live/same-day viewers, which was even more than the first movie, “Dying for Chocolate,” brought in.

Walker has more projects on his plate. After the breakout hit, “Three Wise Men & a Baby,” he, Paul Campbell, and Tyler Hynes have expressed interest in starring in another film together.

In an interview with Us Weekly, Hynes said that most likely, their future projects will involve new characters rather than a sequel to “Three Wise Men & a Baby.”

“We’re just scratching the surface,” he said.

Campbell has shared similar feelings. In an interview with Wide Open Country, he said that while there won’t likely be an actual sequel following the characters’ lives, the stars do want to make another movie together.

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