Where Was ‘Her Pen Pal’ Filmed? Locations & Behind-the-Scenes Moments

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The Hallmark Channel’s newest movie, “Her Pen Pal,” premieres on Saturday, June 19 at 9 p.m. Eastern. The movie stars Mallory Jansen and Joshua Sasse, and it was filmed on location overseas. Here are all the details on where the movie was filmed and the cast who brought the movie to life.

‘Her Pen Pal’ Was Mostly Filmed in France

“Her Pen Pal” was filmed on location, mostly in Paris, France. Sasse and Jansen are reuniting after starring together in the TV series “Galavant.” Some scenes were also filmed in the Bulgaria region, which Hallmark frequently does for movies that are filmed overseas. The movie is from the Bulgarian Unified Production Organization, according to a press release.

Filming wrapped in early May.

Sasse had to hold a prop for this scene, he revealed on Instagram.

Sasse shared a series of photos from filming, and joked about having to eat baguettes, croissants, and beignets during his scenes.

He loved filming in Paris. He shared with fans on Instagram: “What a blessing to work with you again my dear @mallory_jansen – I couldn’t have imagined filming in Paris with anyone else. What a dream. Thank you @hallmarkchannel for such a beautiful job, I hope you all enjoy the film 1/2 as much as I did making it. ‘Her Pen Pal’ is out this summer!”

He said he felt nothing but joy while filming.

Shooting in Paris was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, he wrote.

Lachlan Nieboer (who played Cameron) shared these photos from that day.

In April, Nieboer shared this photo while on location.

Amanda Blake, who played Jen in the movie, shared this photo while filming in Bulgaria. She wrote: “nd that’s a project wrap on Jen 🎬 barely have the words to describe what this one meant to me, but i loved this team & this little lady. she’s got a big heart.”

Director Clare Niederpruem wrote about the filming: “Bursting with gratitude to have spent the last couple weeks with this very special cast. A rare group of performers who brought individuality to their role and added humor and kindness off screen to create our little film family. It was a special little place in our corner of the world where art and connections were made… all with many laughs along the way.”

She also shared a photo from when she was prepping for the movie in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Jayne Wisener, who also stars, said she had to pinch herself while filming in Paris.

Amy Louise Pemberton shared these photos from filming.

Meet the Cast

The synopsis for the movie reads: “Event planner Victoria can’t wait to attend, and plan, her best friend’s Paris wedding. But when she finds out that her ex is bringing a date, she reconnects with her French childhood pen pal.”

Crown MediaHer Pen Pal

Mallory Jansen is Victoria. Her credits include “The Big Leap,” “On the 12th Date of Christmas,” “Shooter” (Margo), “This Is Us,” “Agents of SHIELD” (Aida), “Galavant” (Queen Madalena), “Baby Daddy” (Georgie Farlow), “Young & Hungry” (Caroline), and more.

Crown MediaJoshua Sasse

Joshua Sasse is Jacques. His credits include “No Tomorrow” (Xavier Holliday), “Galavant” (Galavant), “Rogue” (Alec), “The Neighbors,” and more.

Crown MediaLachlan Nieboer

Lachlan Nieboer is Cameron. His credits include “Royal Hearts,” “The Princess Switch: Switched Again” (Antonio), “Trendy”, “The Unfolding,” “Charlie Countryman,” “Downton Abbey,” “Torchwood,” and more.

Crown Media Jayne Wisener, Janis Ahern

Jayne Wisener is Tracy. Her credits include “Glow & Darkness” (Beatrice of Burgundy), “Brave New World,” “The Heiress,” “Doctors,” “6Degrees” (Sandie), “The Life and Adventures of Nick Nickleby” (Kat Nickleby), “Injustice” (Lucy), “Casualty” (Simone), and more.

Also starring are:

  • Gregory Haney (Mike)
  • Amy Louise Pemberton (Nathalie)
  • John Macdonald (Seth)
  • Amanda Blake (Jen)
  • Frederic Gorny (Henri)
  • Manal El-Feitury (Mia)
  • Vlado Mihaylov (Alex)
  • Euan Macnaughton (Allen)
  • Janis Ahern (Beth)
  • Gergana Todorova (Chef Emmanuelle)
  • Bogdana Kotareva (Tour Guide)

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