Holly Robinson Peete Slams Airline After Sons Flagged & Stranded at Airport

Holly Robinson Peete

Crown Media Holly Robinson Peete in Christmas in Evergreen Bells Are Ringing.

In a series of tweets, Hallmark star Holly Robinson Peete shared how angry she was when her sons were trying to fly back to the United States from Canada and were flagged by Air Canada. Peete said that her sons — one of whom is a minor — weren’t offered accommodations when they weren’t allowed to fly out that night and were essentially stranded at the airport.

Peete Said Her Sons, One of Whom Was a Minor, Were Stranded at the Airport

Peete first shared what happened in a late-evening tweet on October 4. She tweeted directly to Air Canada, writing: “Excuse me @AirCanada but you got some explaining to do! My sons have just been refused to get on the airplane and travel because they couldn’t produce our credit card that paid for the tickets😤 One of them is a minor and now they are stranded in the airport!!! 😡”

She continued, tweeting: “I have been traveling back-and-forth to Canada on your airline for 35 years and have never been asked to swipe the actual card that paid for the tickets. Why were these two refused??… The gate agent turned his back on them and refused to allow me to talk to him over the phone to try to explain that I paid for the tickets and I had the card. No more flights until first thing in the morning stuck at the airport.”

Other people chimed in, sharing that they’ve done this before and didn’t have to produce a credit card for their minor children who were traveling. One of Peete’s children was a minor and both were stranded at the airport when they weren’t allowed to board, Peete shared.

One person replied, “I buy my daughter’s tickets all the time! No one has ever asked for the credit card. Ever. Not even on international flights. This is outrageous.”

In another tweet, Peete shared that the flight was from YVR to LAX and the tickets had been paid in full.

She Said the Airline Flagged Them Because They Were ‘Two Boys Sitting in Business Class on a One Way Ticket’

Later, Peete shared that they had been flagged by the airline and had to stay at an airport hotel overnight. She stressed that she felt the agent had been disrespectful to her children.

She wrote: “The boys had to stay overnight in the airport hotel at our expense. 😖Airline saying this happens sometimes -that they were ‘flagged’ In any case we rebooked them hoping they don’t make them produce a credit card again this morning. I am on set at work standing by🙏🏾… … Agent turned his back to them and refused to talk to me on the phone. I could hear the way he was talking to them in the bg just so disrespectful….customer service told me ‘of course they would be flagged-two boys sitting in business class on a one way ticket.’😤”

A Canadian travel agent replied, “I’m a travel agent in Canada, and I’ve never heard of this before. I’ve never been asked for my credit card now has anyone I know. This is very unusual and worth fighting them on. Anything I can do to help?”

She Said the Airline Didn’t Arrange or Cover Her Children’s Hotel Stay

She later clarified that the airline didn’t cover the expense of their hotel stay after her sons weren’t able to fly out that night.

In a series of tweets she wrote: “Thank you and everyone for the concern. My sons are still in Canada because they were turned away last night from boarding a flight home because they couldn’t produce the credit card that paid for the ticket. AC says that ‘ that happens sometimes’. I’m not buying it… … they had to stay at a hotel at our expense. 😩 And now we wait to see if they let them on the flight this morning.😥Because they still don’t have the credit card to pay for the ticket. This is a really bad policy and airlines shouldn’t strand minors in the airport…”

She reiterated in another tweet that they weren’t offered accommodations.

Peete wrote: “they were refused/not offered any hotel accommodations or anything stranded in the airport no flights out until the morning. #angrymom.”

Air Canada didn’t say much on Twitter, except to ask her to DM them with more details. A representative named Lea replied: “Hello, we’re sorry to hear that. Could you please DM further details here… so we may better assist?”

Peete later shared an update that her sons were finally able to board a plane the next day on October 5 and weren’t asked to show a credit card.

She wrote: Thank you @TiffanyDCrossand EVERYONE who expressed concern Boys now boarding the plane and THIS TIME did not have to show the credit card. They had 2 business class seats 🤔 they shouldn’t have had to deal with this -no one should 😩 whew my mama nerves are so bad @AirCanada. 😤”

Air Canada has not made an official statement about what happened.

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