VIDEO: Jack Wagner’s Intriguing Sneak Peek of ‘When Calls the Heart’ Season 10

When Calls the Heart

Crown Media When Calls the Heart

Jack Wagner and Erin Krakow recently shared a sneak peek of season 10 while they’re filming for “When Calls the Heart.” Hallmark viewers are trying to figure out how much of the post was serious and how much was a joke.

The Video Shows Bill & Elizabeth Lost in the Woods

In the video, Bill and Elizabeth seem to be lost in the woods.

Krakow and Wagner appear to be having a lot of fun in the video, and Wagner says: “Any clue why Bill and Elizabeth would be trudging through the wilderness? You’ll have to wait for the premiere of season 10 of ‘When Calls the Heart.'”

Wagner wrote in the caption: “Whaaa? wheeer? whooo? What’s happening??😳😲 Lost not to be found?🤷”

Pascale Hutton (Rosemary) replied, “Remind me NEVER to go into the woods with either of you!!! 😂”

Andrea Brooks (Faith) wrote, “Blair Witch vibes! ⚡️”

One fan replied, “I love you Jack!! This is premium content 👏😂❤️”

Another fan jokingly wrote, “previously on Survivor 😂”

Krakow Posted a Video Grateful for the New Season

Krakow also posted a stunning video of herself dressed as Elizabeth, and shared that she was thankful for the new season.

Krakow wrote, “Season 10. So grateful for this show and this place. Hoping for 100 more eps. #Hearties”

Brooks replied, “Woohoo! This looks like a @deneandale vid to me! 💕💒”

Nicolina Pavek wrote, “Awwwww!! 🥺🥰 This is perfect & captured the feels! Beautifully done 👏Congrats, Erin & the #WCTHFamily #Hearties are celebrating with you & hoping for more too!! We Love you & #WhenCallstheHeart ❤️❤️”

Another Season 10 Photos Shows Faith Looking Worried

On Instagram, WCTH_TV showed a photo from season 10 that reveals Faith looking worried.

The account wrote, “What has Faith looking so concerned, #Hearties?! #WhenCallsTheHeart #BTS #Exclusive #SeasonTen”

Brooks replied, “Traffic jam. Darn motorized vehicles. 🚗”

A fan replied, “Is it Carson? Is it Nathan? Let me see !!!!”

Another fan guessed, “She sees Carson!”

“When Calls the Heart” will air its 100th episode during season 10, ET Online revealed. When the new season was announced, it was also revealed that the show’s returning with a new showrunner.

John Tinker was the showrunner for the series in the most recent seasons, including season 9. However, Laurie Ferneau, Senior Vice President of Development at Crown Media Family Networks, told ET Online that Lindsay Sturman would be the showrunner for season 10.

According to IMDb, Sturman, the new showrunner, has served as a co-executive producer for “Supergirl,” “Nightflyers,” and “Teen Wolf.” She’s also worked in producing roles for “Battle Creek,” “Cult,” “Rizzoli & Isles,” NCIS: Los Angeles,” “Harper’s Island,” “Bionic Woman,” and “Close to Home.”

Tinker had previously told fans that he had planned a small time jump for season 10. It’s not clear if that’s still happening.

A Hearties reunion is taking place in Canada on September 23-24, series creator Brian Bird shared on social media. These in-person reunions used to be held every year while the series was filming, but had been placed on hiatus due to the pandemic.

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