GAC’s Competing Christmas in July Will Include Hallmark Movies

Jen Lilley with GAC Family

GAC Media Jen Lilley with GAC Family

Jen Lilley will be hosting a Christmas in July event on GAC Family, a new TV network launched by the previous CEO of the Hallmark Channel. In celebration of the special event, GAC Family also announced that they would be airing a series of films that were once beloved additions on the Hallmark network.

The Original ‘Mrs. Miracle’ Films Will Be Airing on GAC Family

According to a press release from GAC Media sent to Heavy, two films that originally aired on the Hallmark Channel will be airing on GAC Family as part of its Christmas in July lineup: “Debbie Macomber’s Mrs. Miracle” and “Debbie Macomber’s Call Me Mrs. Miracle.”

In 2021, Hallmark partnered with Debbie Macomber to produce a new “Mrs. Miracle” movie called “Debbie Macomber’s A Mrs. Miracle Christmas.” According to Macomber’s website, this was the first new “Miracle” Hallmark movie since 2015.

Hallmark had previously aired a series of “Mrs. Miracle” movies, including one about a man named “Mr. Miracle.” The Futon Critic reported in 2014 that when “Mr. Miracle” first released on the Hallmark Channel, there were plans to make it a backdoor pilot for a possible series.

Doris Roberts, who played the original “Mrs. Miracle” on Hallmark, died in 2016 at the age of 90. Caroline Rhea took over the role of “Mrs. Miracle” for the new 2021 movie, which remains a Hallmark property.

Jen Lilley Is Hosting GAC Family’s Christmas in July Special

According to a press release, Lilley is hosting GAC Family’s first-ever Christmas in July event, which launches on July 2. The event will feature Christmas movies airing 24/7 during the Fourth of July weekend. The two “Mrs. Miracle” movies will be part of that lineup.

The press release noted that encores of many of GAC Family’s original Christmas movies will also be airing, including “Christmas Time is Here,” “The Great Christmas Switch,” “A Christmas Star,” “Jingle Bell Princess,” “A Kindhearted Christmas,” “A Christmas Miracle for Daisy,” “Royally Wrapped for Christmas,” “Joy for Christmas,” “A Lot Like Christmas,” “Angel Falls Christmas,” and “Much Ado About Christmas.”

GAC Family will launch its second season of new Christmas movies on October 28.

Lilley has signed a two-year contract with GAC Media. While it’s not an exclusive contract, she indicated on Instagram that she likely won’t be making Hallmark movies during that time.

In an interview with Sportsology, Lilley revealed that her pregnancy played a role in her decision to join GAC Media.

She told Sportsology:

I have a long-standing relationship with Bill Abbott who is the CEO. I really love Bill as a person. I think he’s full of integrity, and he does so much amazing charity work behind the scenes. For me especially being pregnant. I’m due in May. I’m building my own football team over here. It was incredible timing to know I will have consistent work over the next two years. I’m really thrilled on multiple levels.

She added that GAC Family is a network that provides “a stress-free predictable escape,” which many people are wanting.

“GAC family is a new network with more feel-good content,” she told Sportsology. “I think everyone loves a classic romantic comedy. It’s not a pure comedy but it’s feel-good, Tom Hanks meets Megan Ryan-Esque romantic comedies. Those are my favorite, and I think people look for those.”

In May, Lilley gave birth to a baby girl.

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