Jesse Metcalfe on Faith & New Movie ‘The Comic Shop’

Jesse Metcalfe

GETTY Jesse Metcalfe attends the 2018 Hallmark Channel Summer TCA

Actor Jesse Metcalfe believes he knows the missing ingredient in most people’s lives – God.

The “A Country Wedding” star recently spoke to CBN News about his latest movie, “On a Wing and a Prayer” available now on Prime, and his ever-growing faith.

“I believe having a spiritual connection to a higher power is what is missing from most people’s lives,” said Metcalfe. “I think people need to see people that they look up to or people that they believe are in powerful positions be honest about the challenges that they’re going through.”

“Life is so much easier when you are authentically yourself and when you’re honest,” he said. “We overcomplicate things.”

In his latest movie, “On a Wing and a Prayer,” Metcalf says it’s a “remarkable” true story about a man who steps in to save the lives of his family when the pilot suddenly dies mid-flight.

“Sometimes, life is stranger than fiction,” he said, “it’s a story about redemption.”

Jesse Metcalfe on What Grew His Faith

Jesse Metcalfe

GETTYJesse Metcalfe at NASCAR Cup Series

According to PEOPLE, Metcalfe hit a downward spiral in 2005, the same year his career took off. He recalled a moment in  2007, when he did a three-day party binge. While he was enjoying himself, excessive partying wasn’t what made him get help. It was a simple look from someone he admired that sealed his fate.

“When I finally made my way back home, I saw the look in my mother’s eyes,” says Metcalfe to PEOPLE in October 2009. “My self-destructive behavior was really hurting her. I said, ‘I need to face the demons that are driving this.’ I had to do something strong to show my mother that I was going to make a major change.”

While attending Alcoholics Anonymous, he credits prayer for getting him through dark times, sharing that his faith grew during his recovery.

“Faith is really important to me,” he told FOX 411 in 2016. “I discovered a connection with a higher power and with God as I understand him.”

Metcalfe pushes forward in films that are more faith-based with a strong message. He advocates for sharing his struggle believing that his openness could help someone with their struggles.

“It’s really about having faith in yourself,” he explained. “Believing that ordinary people can do extraordinary things.”

Jesse Metcalfe’s Upcoming Role in ‘The Comic Shop’

In recent news, Metcalf was tagged for an upcoming film, “The Comic Shop,” where Metcalfe will play a character struggling with an addiction, much like his personal experience in 2007.

According to DEADLINE, the film follows Mike (Jesse Metcalfe), the owner of a small comic shop in a strip mall in Las Vegas. He struggles with addiction and his seemingly impossible dream of becoming a comic book illustrator.

Metcalfe momentarily changed his residence to Connecticut, sharing with the “U UP?” podcast that whenever he’s there, he doesn’t date; instead, he focuses on himself.  While enjoying the single life, he shared that he’s ready to settle down and hints as to what catches his attention.

“Instagram is basically a dating app,” he said “If you start talking about the roles I’ve played, you’re a fan… you’re out.”

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