Jill Wagner Opens Up About Expecting a Baby at 42

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Jill Wagner and her husband David Lemanowicz are expecting their second child. Wagner opened up about what it was like to be pregnant at 42 and adding another child to her beloved family.

She Was So Excited She ‘Did This Strange Laugh-Cry’

Wagner said the pregnancy wasn’t planned, but is very wanted, People reported.

“I took a test by myself and when it was positive I just dropped to my knees and did this strange laugh-cry,” she said.

She added that her husband thought she was pulling a prank on him at first.

“I guess I need to stop acting like every day is April Fools!” she joked.

Being pregnant at 42 isn’t tough, she told People. In fact, she said she was training for a military role for “Lioness” when she found out, so she’s actually in better shape with this pregnancy than she was with her last one.

She’s Due in August

Wagner said she found out two days before Christmas and is due to give birth in August. Two of her friends were pregnant at the same time (one was due in June and one in July), so they’ve been able to walk through the whole experience together, she told People.

Wagner told People when she was pregnant with her first child that the pregnancy was easy and she didn’t even have morning sickness. She found out she was pregnant for the first time at her appointment with a fertility doctor.

When she shared photos from a maternity photoshoot for her second pregnancy, she wrote: “Ladies, I didn’t do a maternity shoot with Army Gray and I regret it now. As a woman, when you can see what your body can do during a pregnancy, it should be celebrated and captured as a beautiful strength in a fleeting moment of time. I am proud of this body and The miracle it gives a home to. Thank you to Marie my amazing photographer who was able to help me with these memories. Saving my favorite for another post.”

She & Her Husband Have a Daughter Together & He Has Another Daughter from a Previous Relationship

Wagner will be adding a third child to her family. She and her husband have a daughter named Amy Gray who was born in April 2020.

Wagner told People that they chose a patriotic name because she was conceived on July 4.

“She was conceived on July 4 so we wanted a patriotic name and my husband is in the military so we chose her first name to be Army,” Wagner shared. “We thought that was a good name to honor both. Her middle name is Gray (spelled the American way, with an A) because I have always loved that name. It is strong, intelligent, soft and feminine all in one … which is what I want her to be.”

Lemanowicz has an older child: 10-year-old Lija. Wagner said Lija loves being an older sister.

Wagner said their new baby will be blessed with two incredible older siblings.

She told People: “Lija does it all. She has changed diapers, gives bottles, sings to her. She is the best. And Army really likes being around other children and she has a little friend named Stella Rose that is close to her age. I think when this new little one comes along it will be great for her.”

Wagner is starring in another “Mystery 101” movie on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries on August 1.

She shared on Instagram after filming for the new movie that Hallmark is one of the few who “hire women as pregnant as I am.”

“I think we’ve done a pretty good job of hiding that,” she shared. “And hopefully you won’t focus on that.”

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