Is Jodie Sweetin Replacing Candace Cameron Bure in Christmas Sequel?

Jodie Sweetin and Candace Cameron Bure

Crown Media Jodie Sweetin and Candace Cameron Bure

According to production reports and IMDb listings, Jodie Sweetin appears to be starring in a Christmas movie that’s a sequel to a film Candace Cameron Bure made for Hallmark. And Bure’s male lead is also starring in the new movie. This has led fans to wonder if Sweetin is replacing Bure in the “Christmas Under Wraps” sequel, or if she’s simply part of a sequel that takes place in the same universe. Here’s everything we know so far.

The Movie Is Called ‘A Cozy Christmas Inn’ & IMDb Lists It as a Sequel to ‘Christmas Under Wraps’

Jodie Sweetin is starring in two Christmas movies for 2022. One is “Remembering Christmas,” opposite Tim Rozon. On March 9, she shared that she was busy filming the movie and it was really cold outside in Montreal.

However, Sweetin is also starring in another movie that appears to be a sequel to a Christmas film that Candace Cameron Bure originally starred in.

The Twitter account SleepyKittyPaw, known for sharing behind-the-scenes details about Hallmark movies, posted on Twitter in April: “Looks like Jodie Sweetin has TWO Christmas movies in store for 2022. In addition to the recently filmed REMEMBERING CHRISTMAS with Tim Rozon, Sweetin also stars in A COZY CHRISTMAS INN, the sequel to 2014’s CHRISTMAS UNDER WRAPS, Hallmark’s highest-rated movie of all time.”

Daily Mail also confirmed that Sweetin is starring in the “Cozy Christmas Inn” movie, but did not note that it’s a sequel to Bure’s movie.

However, IMDb’s listing refers to the movie as having an alternate title of “Christmas Under Wraps 2: Holliday Inn Love.”

SleepyKittyPaw noted that the movie was filmed in December in Utah, and the same writer who wrote “Christmas Under Wraps” also wrote “Cozy Christmas Inn.”

Sweetin Is Playing a New Character & Bure’s Love Interest Is Returning for the Sequel

According to IMDb, Sweetin is not recast as Bure’s character. Sweetin is playing a character named Erika McNicoll. In the original movie, Bure portrayed a character named Dr. Lauren Brunell, IMDb reported.

David O’Donnell played the role of Andy Holliday, Brunell’s love interest. He’s returning to the Sweetin sequel in the same role, according to IMDb. Here’s a trailer from the original movie with Bure:

Back in mid-December, O’Donnell shared a video from Utah, likely while he was filming the movie. He wrote, “Could not be more snow dusted and could not be prettier. Loving my Utah time- looking forward to @thehurricane getting here so we can shred the POW!”

He also talked in another video about filming in Utah on December 14.

He wrote, “Unbelievably beautiful in Huntsville Utah. Blessed to have gotten to shoot here and meet up with old and new friends. So quiet and peaceful and the world is getting ready for a little break- the most wonderful time of the year. Thank you #huntsville and thank you @compassroselodge for your hospitality and beauty. You guys are amazing and can’t wait to come back. #themostwonderfultimeoftheyear #christmas #winterwonderland”

Ironically, when he posted about being in Utah on December 9, one person replied, “How come you’re never in Hallmark Movies anymore? Watching Christmas Under Wraps again and you’re one of my favorites!❤️😍👏”

He wrote back, “patience my friend 😘.”

Many Cast Members from ‘Christmas Under Wraps’ Are Returning, But Bure Isn’t Listed

According to IMDb, J.E. Logan is directing the new movie, which is written by Jennifer Notas Shapiro. Also starring are Vivica A. Fox, Brian Doyle-Murray, Peter Jacobson, Jennifer Aspen, Kim Shaw, Page Petrucka, and more. Anita Rice is also reprising her role as Faith Holliday. Bure is not listed, however.

SleepyKittyPaw noted that many of the original stars of “Christmas Under Wraps” are returning for the sequel, except for Bure.

SleepyKittyPaw added that there could be a number of reasons Bure’s not in the movie.

It’s Not Yet Known if the Movie is Airing on Hallmark

The SleepyKittyPaw Twitter account also emphasized that it’s not guaranteed if the movie is even airing on Hallmark. And Crown Media has not made any announcement about this movie as of the time of this article’s publication.

They wrote, “Given time since CHRISTMAS UNDER WRAPS, sequel not 100% guaranteed to be for Hallmark, but would say it’s likely, given original’s popularity. The same production company, Hybrid, made both.”

They added: “A COZY CHRISTMAS INN’s original title was CHRISTMAS UNDER WRAPS 2: HOLIDAY INN LOVE, so they may be downplaying sequel element. Given length of time since original, anything is possible in terms of destination.”

“Christmas Under Wraps” premiered in 2014 and starred Bure as Dr. Lauren Burnell and O’Donnell as Andy Holliday.

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