Jonathan Bennett Is Filming a New Movie: Is It ‘Christmas House’ 2?

The Christmas House 2

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Jonathan Bennett recently shared on Instagram that he’s filming a new movie. Although he hasn’t revealed the name of the movie yet, there are some clues that point to this being a sequel to ‘The Christmas House.’ Hallmark has not officially announced a sequel, but a local news publication revealed that the sequel is being filmed in Canada.

Bennett Is Filming a New Movie But Said He Can’t Release Details Yet

Bennett revealed on his Instagram story on September 20 that he’s filming a new movie, but said he couldn’t share more details about it quite yet.


In his Instagram story, Bennett said:

Look where we are. We’re in the middle of the woods. What movie are we shooting? That is the question… But what I’m excited about is soon we’re gonna get to announce what it is we’re doing. And we’re going to get to tell everyone. And we’re very excited about that. … Stay tuned. Announcement coming soon.


During his video, he panned to show the woods all around where they were filming.


He also shared an Instagram post on September 21 with a hint, writing: “On set of our new movie. Can’t wait to tell everyone. Any guesses? (I might be pointing to a hint).” 

Unfortunately, it’s tough to tell what he’s pointing at or what the hint is.

Brant Daugherty commented, “Window: the movie,” to which Bennett replied: “close.”

One fan replied, “Any movie you are in will be awesome!! But I wouldn’t complain if it was a Hallmark Christmas movie!!”

Another fan wrote: “The Christmas House part 2? 😁”

‘The Christmas House’ Sequel Is Currently Filming in Canada

The original “The Christmas House” movie starred Ana Ayora (Andi), Robert Buckley (Mike), Treat Williams (Bill), Sharon Lawrence (Phylis), Jonathan Bennett (Brandon), Brad Harder (Jake), and Mattia Castrillo (Noah.) It was filmed in British Columbia, Canada.

According to BC Local News, the sequel to “The Christmas House” is currently filming in Canada. Beacon Avenue was turned into a “winter wonderland” in Sidney, BC Local News reported. Photos shared by the publication revealed Buckley and Castrillo on set.

On the same day that Bennett was posting his hints, Ayora — who played Andi in the movie — was posting photos on her Instagram that were tagged in Italy, interestingly enough.

She wrote on one post: “I suffer from perpetual fomo! So, how do I eat, learn, live a normal day in the life of a Roman , learn, all in one? 🚲 tour it!”

Lawrence, who played the mom in “The Christmas House,” posted a photo on her Instagram story about being in Victoria, Canada.


She shared that she was in Oak Bay, Victoria. Earlier that week, she posted: “Hello #britishcolumbia! Always love coming back to you. Thanks @bcferries for a beautiful ride thru the #harostrait and the #sanjuanislands.”


Just the day before that, however, she revealed that she had just finished filming season 1 of the “Joe Picket” series for Paramount. According to BC Local News, the movie was already filming at that point.

Brad Harder, who plays Jake in the movie, posted that he was on a seaplane the same day that Bennett made his Instagram story.



However, Harder also revealed on September 8 that he was going to start filming the next week.

So it looks like some actors may have started filming scenes for the new movie sooner than others, who joined later. But the details aren’t yet clear.

The Twitter account @SleepyKittyPaw also shared a photo of Bennett on set for the movie on September 18.

The account also revealed that some people, including Bennett, flew out on September 8 for filming in Victoria.

The main couples (Buckley, Ayora, Bennett, and Harder) were set to reprise their roles.

Details on the movie and the cast involved have not been confirmed by actors or by Hallmark yet.

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